9 Best CBD Capsules and Pills Reviewed

9 Best CBD Capsules and Pills Reviewed

How do you take your CBD?

We know, it’s an ironic question, isn’t it?

It’s sort of like asking someone, “How do you take your coffee? With cream and sugar? Black? Decaffeinated? Iced?”

Since the CBD market has exploded in popularity, there are so many ways you can consume this medicinal herb that it’s not even funny.

So, we’ll ask you again… How do you take your CBD?

Maybe you’ve tried CBD oil and you experienced some positive results. But carrying a CBD oil tincture around isn’t ideal for you anymore. It’s sort of messy, not as convenient, and it can be a bit of a pain to measure your dose every single time you need a medicinal aid.

Or maybe you’ve tried CBD gummies, but other than the convenience and taste, you’ve decided they aren’t your cup-of-tea. After all, not everyone has a sweet tooth.

For all of those reasons, we have just one more question to ask you:

Have you ever considered CBD capsules and pills?

Here’s the thing… CBD pills and capsules are one of the best methods to receive the benefits of CBD.

But we get, maybe you’re not as familiar with CBD capsules and pills as you are with tinctures and edibles.

So, let’s look at…

CBD capsules vs CBD pills vs CBD oil gel caps vs CBD tablets

Okay, okay, so there’s more than just CBD capsules and pills. There are a lot of different ways to orally consume CBD, and that’s what we want to talk about.

First let’s look at…

CBD capsules

Capsules are typically pills you can sometimes see through that contain a medicinal powder inside. But sometimes, the outer shell of the capsule is hard, opaque, and made from gelatin, cellulose, or other vegetable-derived ingredients.

A CBD capsule usually contains CBD isolate powder enclosed in a hard-shell casing. That’s about 99.9% pure CBD.

CBD Pills

Some hemp brands and consumers use the terms CBD “pills” and “capsules” interchangeably, and that’s ok. But there can be a distinction between the two depending on the way they look.

For starters, CBD pills are often hard, whereas CBD capsules can be broken open, allowing a fine powder to pour out.

The look and feel of CBD pills is comparable to typical over-the-counter pain relievers and pills.

Hemp manufactures will press a mixture of CBD powder and other ingredients tightly together to create a hard pill.

Which brings us to…

CBD tablets

CBD tablets are very similar to CBD pills, except they’re often shaped like flat circles.

Both CBD pills and CBD tablets are made the same way: A CBD mixture that’s tightly pressed together.

CBD oil gel caps

CBD oil gel caps are also known as CBD gel caps or CBD softgels. The caps in CBD gel caps refer to capsules.

Now, the main difference between CBD oil gel caps and regular CBD capsules is that CBD gel caps are much softer. Hence the name CBD softgels.

The outer shell is soft and squishy, with an oil base filling. That filling is usually a full-spectrum CBD oil, but CBD brands can create CBD isolate and broad-spectrum CBD softgels.

Like regular CBD capsules, the outer shell of CBD gel caps are also made of a vegetable component or gelatin.

So, which one is best…

CBD capsules or pills?

That’s the age-old question, isn’t it? But the answer isn’t as cut and dry as we’d like it to be.

The truth is, every person is unique. We’re all biologically built differently, so what may work for one person, may not work the same for another person.

For those reasons, the best and only way to determine which is better and more effective—CBD capsules or pills—is to try them all out for yourself.

Which brings us to our main point, and the reason you clicked on this article in the first place…

Best CBD Capsules and CBD Pills

In our modern world, we’re always looking for the best… and that’s a good thing.

But so many hemp companies and CBD brands have developed a skill that allows them to create pretty shady products. Which means it’s become increasingly difficult to determine which CBD capsules brands are best, and which ones are best to avoid.

Lucky for you, it’s our job to weed out those unreputable CBD capsules brands and inform you of the best CBD brands for capsules and pills.

But we’ve done a bit more than just research the CBD capsule brands listed below. We’ve also tried their CBD capsules and pills, explored their third party lab results, and researched what real life customers have to say about each brand.

We love what we do, but most importantly, we take pride in what we do. Which is to provide you with accurate information regarding high quality CBD capsules and pill brands.

So without further ado, we invite you to take a gander at our list of the best CBD capsules and pills below.

Brands of CBD pills and capsules listed:

1. Leaf Remedys

One of the easiest ways to take advantage of CBD is by consuming capsules that contain this substance. Knowing this, Leaf Remedys created an amazing product that will always be easily accessible for people who want to experience the benefits of CBD on a daily basis.

These capsules were made for individuals who do not like the taste of CBD or want to be more discreet with its consumption. Their bottles have 30 capsules, each of them containing 50mg of Isolate CBD. They’re great for providing some stress relief.

Moreover, the capsules have 325mg of Ashwagandha and 100mg of Caffeine, which are useful in promoting energy and focus. All in all, these pills are just what you need if you have focus problems.



Contain less than 0.3% THC

Help with focus and energy

Third-party lab tested



They don’t come in lower CBD concentrations


2. Joy Organics

If you’re looking for CBD capsules, you can’t go wrong with Joy Organics. They have different types of softgels that may help with various issues.

Three different broad-spectrum CBD softgels can be found on their website: the simple broad-spectrum CBD softgels version, the broad-spectrum CBD softgels with melatonin and CBN for sleep, and the broad-spectrum CBD softgels with curcumin. Other than this, they also have full-spectrum CBD softgels with THC.

Their #1 product is the TCH-free, premium CBD softgels bottle. The capsules are popular among people thanks to their properties that help with stress, muscle, and joint support.

You can order them with 10mg or 25mg CBD per serving. If you have sleep issues, you can try the version with added melatonin. For joint support, the version with curcumin can also be useful.


Great for stress, joint and muscle support

Available in different strengths

Money-back guarantee

High absorption


The softgels with curcumin, melatonin & CBN, as well as the full-spectrum ones are pricier



Another brand that offers several types of CBD capsules is CBD FX. Some of the options available include CBD Gel Capsules, CBD + CBG Morning, CBD + CBN Night Capsules, and Morning & Night CBD Capsules.

For those who would also like to try out some THC content, they have a Delta-9 THC Capsules + CBD version.

However, the soft gel capsules are their most demanded product. With a rich cannabinoid profile and full-spectrum CBD, they are great when you need some relaxation in your life. The flavor is minimal, and they have pretty much no smell.

Bottles can be purchased in 750mg or 1,500mg versions – therefore, you can consume 25mg or 50mg CBD per serving.


Available in two higher CBD combinations

Little flavor and no smell

Made using pure CBD oil

Organic and gluten-free

The products assist with relaxation and sleep


They may be a bit on the pricier side


4. Avid Hemp

Anyone who loves CBD, and its effects should consider Avid Hemp. They offer everyday CBD capsules, but also nighttime capsules, so you can customize your own experience.

Avid Hemp took their time to experiment with other capsules on the market before they created their own. They wanted to keep things as simple as possible while making sure their capsules can offer the desired effects for people. The product is made using MCT coconut oil and organically grown hemp.

The capsules provided by Avid Hemp can be found in strengths such as 300mg, 600mg, and 1,200mg. Also, they contain Delta-9 THC, but not higher than 0.3%. If you need some stress relief, you can always rely on these capsules.

And if you need help with your sleep, you should consider the Nighttime Capsules, which have 1,000mg CBD.


30-Day Guarantee

You can choose from multiple product strengths

Both nighttime and daytime capsules are available

Free of toxins


Higher concentrations are pricier


5. Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD features the MedsBiontech soft gel capsules, which contain full-spectrum CBD. A total of 50 capsules are found inside the bottle, with each one of them containing 25mg CBD. Two other versions are available, respectively the Meds Biontech Turmeric Soft Gel Capsules and the Meds Biontech Isolate Soft Gel Capsules.

This product offers you a quick and easy way to enjoy all the benefits of CBD. You can take the capsules everywhere you go. They are free of gluten and sugar, and they are organically grown.

If you need a routine boost, these capsules are great for you. They contain cannabinoids and terpenes, and flavonoids. Thus, they are also great for pain relief.


Entourage effect and pain relief


Organically grown

Available in full spectrum and CBD isolate


Not available in multiple strengths


6. Green Roads CBD

Anyone who wants to try some high-quality CBD capsules should consider Green Roads. They have moderate strength, making them suitable for most people. Also, their products are all meant for different purposes.

While you can get the normal CBD softgels, you can also purchase the Relax CBD Capsules and Sleep CBD Capsules.

Each jar has 30 capsules, with each one of them having 25mg CBD, and the full bottle having 750mg CBD. The product was made using USA-Farmed Hemp. It is free of gluten and can easily be added to your daily life.

If you already take other supplements or vitamins on a daily basis, you will have no problem adding the Green Roads CBD capsules to your regimen. They can be swallowed with no water and have a neutral taste.


Ideal for sleep and relaxation

Free of gluten

They contain the right amount of CBD for many users



Lack of variety for strengths


7. Onyx + Rose

The Onyx + Rose capsules make sure you don’t miss any CBD benefits. Your mood will significantly increase, and you will enjoy the relaxation you desire so much.

30 capsules are found in each jar, and every single one contains 25mg of CBD. They are broad-spectrum, so aside from CBD, they also have CBN, CBG, and CBC. As such, they are free of any THC.

These capsules will help boost your mood and relieve your stress and anxiety. And if you have sleep issues, they can improve your sleep and ensure you get better rest before starting the day.

Pain and inflammation can also be relieved using these capsules. All you have to do is take one and wait for the effects to appear.


They relieve pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety

Free of THC

Easy to carry around

Moderate CBD levels


Not the cheapest


8. Procana

A variety of daytime CBD capsules can be found in Procana’s product list. They offer bottles with multiple CBD strengths. So, anyone can get the bottles in 240mg, 450mg, 600mg and 1,500mg CBD concentrations.

The CBD Balance softgels are some of the most popular, as they are easy to integrate into your daily wellness routine. They have pure Isolated CBD extracted from hemp. In every bottle, people will have 30 softgels available.

Because they represent a daily maintenance dose, they are good at balancing and regulating the Endocannabinoid system. Every softgel has 8mg of CBD oil.

The Night-Time softgels are a bit more special, as melatonin was added into the mix to help you achieve the most soothing sleep. These contain 15mg CBD and 3mg Melatonin per capsule.


A large variety of products and CBD strengths

Can help with relaxation and sleep

Pretty cheap

Easy to add to the daily schedule


Some people experienced stomach pain

9. Verma Farm

Verma Farm is also a good option if you need high-quality CBD capsules. When you don’t want to deal with oils or gummies, you can take CBD the quick way – with the Verma Farm capsules. These amazing pills have 25mg of CBD. Moreover, they can be taken anywhere as the bottle is small and can be kept in your bag, whether you go out or travel.

What makes them special is the fact that they help with anxiety. It can be quite challenging to deal with anxiety, but the capsules make it easier to cope with it. While they do not eradicate it, they certainly decrease it.

Furthermore, the capsules help relieve joint pain. Since the pain can stop you from completing your activities, the Verma Farm capsules will help you keep going and forget the pain even existed.


Pain and anxiety relief

Easy to transport

The right amount of CBD for everyone

You can get a 3-pack for a lower price


Purchasing only one bottle can be quite pricey

CBD Buying Guide: How we chose the best CBD capsules and pills

We already mentioned that the CBD pill market has exploded. And we couldn’t be more excited that it’s growing at an accelerated pace. But in any growing market, there are often more shady brands than there are reputable brands.

Which is why you might be wondering… How did we determine which CBD capsule brands are truly the most excellent and which are best to steer clear from?

Well it wasn’t easy, but it’s 100% necessary. And since it’s our job to find the best CBD brands on the market today, we wanted to reveal to you our secret list of how we chose the best CBD capsules and pill brands.

Let’s get to it…

Hemp Source

We believe that everyone should know where their CBD capsules and pills are sourced. That’s why the first thing we look for when investigating different CBD pill brands is where and how they cultivate their hemp-derived CBD.

We want to see nutrient rich soils in America and hemp farmers that only employ the best farming practices in the hemp industry. As always, we prefer organically grown quality American hemp. The cleaner and more organic the hemp is, the more effective and safe the CBD pills and capsules will be.

CBD Brand Transparency

Moving forward, we then explore the transparency of the actual CBD brand.

We want to see clean extraction methods that don’t use harmful solvents or cutting agents. We then want to ensure that the most desirable type of CBD brand only utilizes clean ingredients that benefit the human body. We steer clear from CBD brands that use harmful or unnecessary ingredients, like fillers, additives, and preservatives.

If we discover that the CBD brand isn’t fully transparent about their extraction methods or their formulation and manufacturing processes, we chuck ’em. There’s no point in wasting your time on a brand that hides valuable consumer information. You’re well advised to steer clear.

CBD Third Party Testing

In order to get highly effective CBD pills and capsules, you need to ensure that they are third party tested.

Third party testing simply ensures that the final CBD capsules or pills are free from harmful toxins and contaminants, like heavy metals, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, GMOs, or other toxins that can wreak havoc on your health.

But we don’t stop there… We then need to see proof. So, we look to see if the CBD brand offers a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each of their products.

If the lab results aren’t readily available on CBD brand’s website, we’ll reach out to them through email. If we still don’t receive anything, we bounce!

CBD Brand Reputation and Customer Service

Finally, we look at the CBD brand’s customer service and brand reputation.

We want to see contact information, educational blogs that cite scientific studies, and thorough guides regarding their CBD products.

We then explore what real life customers have to say about the CBD brand. So we read reviews and research Reddit forums.

As you can see, we take a lot of pride in our search for the best CBD capsules and pill brands. We don’t just do it because it’s our job, but because we also consume these CBD products.

Now then, remember the question we stated earlier…

Which is most appropriate: CBD capsules or pills?

Well, we wanted to elaborate on that topic a little more…

As it turns out, there’s a study that found higher doses of CBD capsules, particularly CBD softgels, to be more advantageous and bioavailable. It’s an interesting study, and it makes sense [¹].

You see, high quality CBD softgels often contain full-spectrum CBD oil, which is known to be highly effective compared to CBD isolate. We can thank the Entourage Effect for that, which basically means that all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and the other nutrients of hemp plant are working together synergistically to enhance each other’s medicinal properties [³].

That’s not to say that CBD isolate is not effective. It absolutely is, but it seems that more people benefit from full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD products over CBD isolate.

Nevertheless, we’ve seen and heard about thought-provoking testimonials from CBD isolate consumers. Therefore, we can’t conclude that only full or broad spectrum CBD capsules and pills are the most effective and bioavailable.

But let’s look at…

CBD Bioavailability

Now, bioavailability simply means how well a drug, substance, or an herb is absorbed in the human body in order for it to take full effect [²].

One of things you’ll likely run into in your search for the best CBD capsules and pills is whether or not the capsule or pill is highly or poorly absorbed in your body.

While we know that CBD oil is perhaps the most bioavailable products in the industry, it seems that CBD softgel capsules are also pretty bioavailable as well.

But there’s a catch… It seems that you’ll need to consume a higher dosage to achieve that bioavailability. This is because the CBD found in the capsule often gets lost during the digestive process.

In one study, researchers found that 14mg of CBD capsules were way more effective than a smaller 5mg dose [¹].

That said, if you’re new to CBD capsules and pills, start slow and with a low dose to see how your body reacts. You can always increase your dosage over time.

CBD Capsules Benefits

We know that CBD offers tremendous therapeutic value. In fact, there are numerous studies involving CBD’s effects with anxiety, pain, inflammation, insomnia, and epilepsy [,]. More studies are definitely needed.

But instead of exploring the benefits of CBD overall, we want to explore the benefits of CBD capsules and pills specifically.

First things first… CBD pills and capsules are incredibly convenient, perhaps more convenient than CBD edibles.

Second, they’re very discreet. Unless someone is staring at your CBD capsule bottle, nobody will ever know that you’re popping a CBD pill into your mouth.

Third, CBD capsules and pills are tasteless. Unlike the natural, often bitter flavor of CBD oil, CBD capsules don’t have a taste. You simply swallow the CBD capsule and that’s it.

Fourth, CBD pills are easy to dose. Reputable CBD brands will place instructions and dosing recommendations on their CBD capsule labels.

Finally, CBD capsules and pills are perfect for on-the-go use. You can literally take them anywhere. However, CBD softgels should never be left in the heat as their soft exteriors may break open and the CBD oil may pour out.

Note: Always store your CBD capsules and pills in a dry, cool, dark area.

CBD Pills Side Effects

We all know that multiple studies indicate that CBD is well tolerated among its users. But because every person is different and may respond differently to CBD capsules and pills, we always want to explore the potential side effects of CBD.

These side effects may include []:

Fatigue and drowsiness

Increased or decreased appetite

Weight gain or weight loss


Drug interactions

CBD may also cause elevated liver enzymes, but all of these side effects are incredibly rare and do fade very quickly once CBD is discontinued.

That said, it’s important to note that CBD uses the same liver enzymes as other prescription meds. So, we do encourage you to consult with your doctor before consuming CBD capsules and pills, especially if you’re currently on any prescription medications [].

CBD FAQs: Commonly asked CBD capsule and pill questions

We’re almost positive that you learned something new about CBD capsules and pills, but you may still have a few more questions.

So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to jot down a few of the most popular questions regarding CBD pills and capsules.

Take a look…

Are CBD capsules as effective as oil?

It depends… Everyone is different, and everyone will respond differently to CBD capsules and CBD oil. The best way to determine if CBD capsules are more effective than CBD oil is to try both products out for yourself.

We’ve heard that some people may not experience the same effects with isolated CBD capsules, as they do with CBD oil gel caps or CBD softgels. This is because CBD gel caps contain CBD oil.

Nevertheless, most of the studies involving CBD utilize high quality CBD oil.

What are CBD capsules used for?

According to a Cross-Sectional Study of Cannabidiol users, nearly 62% of CBD users stated they used CBD to help address medical conditions like pain, anxiety, and depression [].

Others reported using CBD for sleep disorders.

Where to buy CBD capsules?

CBD capsules are found everywhere. Literally, you can find CBD pills and capsules in your local gas station. But we advise you not to buy them there.

Instead, the real question you should be asking is where to buy CBD capsules online?

We encourage you to head back up to our list of the best CBD capsules and pills above. But if you insist on finding your own CBD brand, we encourage you to use our guide in the section above: How we chose the best CBD capsules and pills.

Can I use CBD capsule sublingual?

It depends. CBD softgels may be easier for you to use sublingually, but CBD capsules are designed to be swallowed.

CBD oil is designed for sublingual use. We encourage you to stick with CBD oil if sublingual use is what you seek.

Does CBD pills help with insomnia?

There are a few studies regarding CBD and insomnia []. We encourage you to give CBD pills a try for yourself. You may find the results to be surprisingly effective for you.

How to take CBD pills?

You simply place the CBD pills and capsules in your mouth and swallow with a glass of water.

Are CBD pills legal?

Hemp-derived CBD is federally legal, and CBD is also legal in all 50 states. But there may be a few state laws regarding how much CBD you can consume [].

Since most CBD pills only contain CBD isolate, you’re likely not to have any issues. But we always encourage you to check with your state laws regarding anything CBD related.

Are CBD pills effective?

Yes! Many people have reported positive results using CBD pills. It just depends on the person and the quality of the CBD pill.

Are CBD pills addictive?

While CBD is hemp-derived, there are no studies indicating that CBD is addictive.

What does CBD capsule do to you?

Many CBD users report feeling relaxed, calm, and relief from unwanted symptoms. The best way to know what CBD capsules will do for you is to give them a try.

How many pills of CBD should I take?

Reputable CBD brands will provide dosing recommendations on their CBD pill bottles. We encourage you to follow those instructions.

We encourage you to start with 10mg to 50mg a day. If you’re new to CBD pills, we recommend you start with a low dosage and give your body plenty of time to respond.

How to find the best CBD pills online?

While we highly encourage you to choose one of the reputable CBD pill brands listed above, we encourage you to use our CBD buying guide, also listed above.

Do CBD gel capsules work?

They absolutely can, as long as you purchase high quality CBD gel caps from reputable CBD brands.

Best CBD capsules and pills Takeaway

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: CBD is a very therapeutic substance. And the chances of you benefiting from CBD medical value depends on if you purchase high quality CBD capsules and pills from reputable CBD brands.

You could easily do your own research, vet several CBD brands, and try hundreds of CBD pills, but why endure the overwhelming search when you can head back up to our list of the best CBD capsules and pills above? That said, if you prefer to go with a different CBD brand, we encourage you to use our CBD buying guide mentioned above.