16 Things You Didn’t Know About CBD

16 Things You Didn’t Know About CBD

Nowadays, CBD information is easy to find, and getting CBD products is even easier. Wherever you look, you will be able to find a place that sells them, whether it’s an online store, head shop, pharmacy, or dispensary. Also, you can choose from numerous CBD items, including gummies, sticks, capsules, creams, oil, pet products, and more.

You don’t have to consume CBD to know the basics about it. After all, CBD is all the rage today, and you might have friends who use it and tell you everything about this great compound. But there are also many things that even CBD consumers do not know.

This is why in this post; we will present several details that you probably didn’t know about CBD.

1. It Was Discovered in the 1940s

Cannabis has been used for a very long time. People love the fact that cannabis has so many benefits for their health, but also that it allows them to enjoy the euphoric effects it can bring.

Back in the mid-20s, cannabis became illegal. But in the 1940s, CBD was first discovered by researchers. By the 1960s, they were already able to isolate it, making it possible for people to use it in a much safer manner. [1]

2. Used Together, CBD and THC Increase Their Effects

When CBD and THC are used together, they can enhance each other’s positive effects. This is what is known as the “entourage effect”. So far, there is not a lot of research on the matter, but what we already know is encouraging.

Some of the effects resulting from this are better impacts on the brain and mental health, but also better pain relief.

3. The CBD Industry Is One of the Fastest-Growing Ones

You might have seen that recently, the popularity of CBD skyrocketed – so much that now you have countless options to choose from in terms of CBD shops and CBD product types. You can get your products either online or from dispensaries and other authorized shops.

According to financial experts, the CBD industry grew by a 107% percentage every year, and it will not stop here. It will keep evolving. The entire industry went past 1 billion dollars, and predictions say that in the following years, it will get to 10-20 billion.

This is because more and more people learn about CBD and the facts surrounding it, with the stigma disappearing.

4. CBD Can Work as a Pet Treatment

Just because we have so many ways to use CBD today, it doesn’t mean that we are the only ones who should enjoy these benefits. In fact, CBD can be suitable for pets too and can work as a treatment for them.

Just like humans have an endocannabinoid system with a vast chemical signal and cellular receptor network, [2] pets also have it. This means that they can enjoy the same CBD benefits that humans enjoy. At the moment, more research has to be done, but what we know so far is pretty promising.

Let’s take, for example, the study conducted by the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. During the study, dogs were given about 4.4 mg of CBD per pound twice/day for a month. These pets experienced a relief in arthritic pain and quality of life improvement. [3]

CBD was also discovered to be effective against seizures in dogs. There were several reports regarding its effectiveness, but there were moderate results in the single controlled study that was done.

As part of a study done by the Colorado State University, several dogs were given CBD for 12 weeks while others were given a placebo. The dogs that took CBD had 33% fewer seizures compared to the placebo subjects. At the same time, this does not work for all dogs, but the results are promising. More studies are being conducted.

5. CBD Is One of Over 100 Cannabinoids from Cannabis

CBD is one of the compounds found in cannabis, and it is actually one of the most popular cannabinoids and one of the most well-researched ones. THC is right next to it.

But CBD and THC are not the only family members. Cannabis has over 100 cannabinoids, and so far, we only know the benefits of a few of those.

6. CBD Can Be Beneficial for Children Too

Children can also enjoy the benefits of CBD, as the cannabinoid can be used in treating anxiety, inflammation, chronic pain, and ADHD. According to some studies, CBD may be more effective for ADHD compared to stimulants.

Now, of course, this doesn’t mean you should throw all of your child’s ADHD medication away and start giving them CBD. What you can do instead is ask the child’s doctor whether this would be a good idea and if it could help your little one. CBD has been great at managing children with concentration or focus issues and hyperactive children. [4]

7. It May Interact with Several Medications

CBD can be beneficial in a lot of cases, but it is not always recommended – especially for people who are already taking other medications. Whether you are considering using CBD oil, gummies, or other products, you should first talk to your doctor about it if you are taking any medications.

CBD can interact with them as it affects the enzyme system that metabolizes pharmaceutical drug-active substances. Consuming CBD while taking medications can be pretty risky and it should be avoided unless the doctor says you can use them together.

8. “Broad Spectrum” and “Full Spectrum” Don’t Mean That Much

If you browse the product selection on any CBD-based website, you will see different types of items. Some will be labeled as broad-spectrum while others will be labeled as full-spectrum.

Broad-spectrum CBD contains different cannabinoids and compounds derived from cannabis, like terpenes, cannabinol, cannabichromene, and others. It doesn’t have just CBD. Usually, it has no THC. Some products will contain very small amounts of THC, though. [5]

Meanwhile, full-spectrum CBD has various extracts from the cannabis plant. Apart from CBD, it also contains cannabinol, terpenes, essential oils, and different other things. Furthermore, full-spectrum CBD also has up to 0.3% of THC. [6]

9. Hemp Oil and CBD Oil Are Different

Many people who look for CBD products online think that CBD oil and hemp oil are the same. They may even use the two terms interchangeably. But the two are actually different.

CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant’s “bud” or “flower”, whereas hemp oil is derived from the plant’s seeds.

Hemp oil is found in many grooming and skin moisturizing products because the seeds have high amounts of fatty acids. At the same time, it has no CBD.

10. CBD Is Psychoactive

When it comes to cannabis compounds, experienced CBD product consumers know that THC is the compound responsible for making you “high”.

THC is a chemical that causes all of the psychological effects of marijuana. It attaches to the receptors of the brain that are associated with coordination, pleasure, memory, time perception, and thinking. As such, THC affects the user’s concentration, time and sensory perception, thinking, coordination, movements, memory, and other aspects. [7]

CBD is not intoxicating. It cannot cause the same effects that THC does. But people tend to think CBD is non-psychoactive, as they associate “psychoactive” with the “high” that THC causes.

But CBD is a psychoactive compound. It still has effects on you, even if they are not as intense as the ones caused by THC. CBD can affect someone’s behavior and mind. As a result, it influences your endocannabinoid system and can affect different functions of your mind and body.

11. Flying With CBD Oil Is Not Always Legal

You have planned a whole trip overseas, and you are excited to finally leave and take a break from the daily routine. There is one problem though: will you be able to take your CBD products with you? If you use CBD regularly, then chances are that you will want to take your favorite products in your suitcase.

Well, it is not entirely legal to get on a plane with CBD oil. Although CBD is legal in some states, flying to other countries will mean new laws. Not every country legalized CBD. Therefore, you may not be allowed to fly with CBD oil in your possession.

This is why you should check the laws in the country you are visiting to know whether you can still use CBD over there or not.

12. Even Healthy People Can Benefit from CBD Use

CBD is often promoted as this compound with miraculous effects on one’s health. It can help people who are dealing with depression and anxiety, [8] and it can help with inflammation and pain too.

At the same time, you do not have to suffer from any medical condition to enjoy CBD. Consuming products with this compound may help prevent endocannabinoid deficiencies and help maintain a healthy balance as well. The endocannabinoid system is one of the most important human regulatory networks, so it requires proper support.

On top of that, anyone can easily add CBD oil to an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. On top of the CBD itself, which has many amazing properties, CBD oil also contains a lot of vitamins, trace minerals, and essential fatty acids.

13. CBD Can Treat Drug Addiction

This is a fact that often comes as a shock for many people, especially those who do not know a lot about CBD. But it’s true – the compound can help treat drug addiction.

There is a study that the American Journal of Psychiatry has conducted. The research proved that CBD could prevent some triggers that make it difficult for people to stop using certain drugs. What’s more important is that the CBD effects were long-lasting – even a week after taking CBD, the results were still there, with no side effects present.

14. You Can Only Obtain Legal CBD from Cultivars of Hemp That Were Approved

CBD use has been approved in many places, but it must meet certain regulations. For instance, it cannot contain more than 0.3% THC.

Also, CBD oil with low THC amounts can only be extracted from particular hemp plant types.

15. Nobody Knows the Right CBD Dose

Studies still haven’t shown how much CBD is right for different people. Today, a lot of individuals manage different health conditions using CBD oil, but there are no research results that show the perfect dosage for each health problem. For this reason, it can be hard for someone to adjust their dosage. One has to find out what works for them and what doesn’t.

Most of the time, the ideal dose will be different for each individual.

16. There’s a “Perfect Way” to Use CBD

For the best absorption, oil-based products and soft gels are the best ones to consider. Food can also affect CBD’s bioavailability, though. According to some research, CBD blood levels can increase by 3- to 5- fold with high-fat meals. [9]

The Bottom Line

CBD is special, and there are many things that a lot of people do not know about it just yet. On top of that, some CBD aspects are still under research. So, even experienced CBD users do not know everything the substance has to offer – whether positive or negative.

CBD has been discovered decades ago and it’s been studied carefully ever since. Over the years, the CBD industry will grow more and more, especially as new details come to the surface and as more people learn about the compound’s benefits.