Best Delta-8 Gummies

Best Delta-8 Gummies

Have you been looking for Delta 8 gummies that are truly effective and safe to consume?

While we’re thrilled that everyone and their hip grandpa wants a sweet taste of Delta 8 THC, we’re not pumped about this sudden rush of questionable Delta 8 brands in the market.

Finding high quality Delta 8 gummies shouldn’t be something that stresses you out, but we’re seeing just how overwhelming it can be for most people.

So, if you’ve been on the verge of pulling your hair out in hopes to find a truly reputable Delta 8 brand that can meet all your wildest Delta 8 dreams, then you’ve clicked on the right article.

We have two helpful lists for you below…

The first list involves the most reputable Delta 8 Gummies brands in the entire industry. We did all the research for you, so that all you have to do is just click and buy.

The second list is a Delta 8 buying guide that helps you find the best Delta 8 brands on the market. It’s actually the same list we used to find the Delta 8 brands listed in this article.

However, if you are looking for Delta-9 gummies, here’s a list for Best Delta-9 Gummies on the market!

We encourage you to check out both lists. Trust us, you’ll want to thank us later!

Best Delta 8 Gummies Brands

1. Delta Remedys

Delta Remedys doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the gummies they offer. There are two different packs you can get: a 30-pack or a 60-pack.

The 30-pack has three different flavors inside, with 10 gummies per flavor. This way, you can enjoy the taste of Peach, Apple, and Watermelon. Meanwhile, the 60-pack has 20 pieces per flavor. With a delicious taste and a good Delta-8 amount, they are bound to make your day better.

The delta 8 gummies in each pack have 25mg of Full Spectrum Delta-8. By consuming these gummies, people can enjoy amazing anti-inflammatory properties, but also pain relief. And if you had a stressful day or you’re anxious before a big event, you could rely on these gummies to help you relax.


Great pain and stress relief

Anti-inflammatory properties

Three flavors in each pack

25mg of Full Spectrum Delta-8

Third-party lab tested


You cannot choose a lower Delta-8 content


2. Delta Extrax

Delta Extrax is another great brand that offers Delta-8 gummies. The company currently has two versions available – the Sour Hibiscus flavor and Sour Pineapple flavor. This way, you can enjoy a mix of sweetness and sourness. What’s even better is that new buyers can get 15% off their first order if they provide their email.

Each box contains 2,000mg Delta-8 THC, with each gummy having 100mg of Delta 8. So, you can find 20 gummies in a single box.

The treats are great for anyone who wants something delicious that will also help them unwind and focus on their tasks. They are ideal for use at any time of the day and can easily be transported anywhere you go. You can start your morning with a gummy or take one before bed.


Affordable gummies

15% off first orders

Amazing flavors

Organic ingredients


Very high Delta-8 content


3. Planet Delta

Planet Delta has some great Delta-8 gummies that you must consider if you want to get into this compound. Their gummies are vegan and non-GMO. USA-grown natural hemp of the highest quality is used to make these candies.

The jars have 30 gummies in total, with each one of them containing 20mg of Delta-8 THC. What’s even better is that you can get two different versions in terms of flavors. You can either opt for a multiflavored pack so you experience multiple tastes with a single jar, or you can opt for the strawberry pack.

High-grade hemp is used to make the products. Users enjoy free shipping in the U.S. and can get 10% off their order by signing up for the newsletter.


Fast and free shipping in the U.S.

10% off an order by signing up for the newsletter

Vegan and non-GMO

20mg Delta-8 content

Various flavors


A bit expensive


4. Tillmans Tranquils

Two different packs of Delta-8 gummies can be found at Tillmans Tranquils. One of them is a 600mg pack, and the other is a 1,500mg pack. As such, you can choose the one that suits your needs the most.

The 600mg pack has 20mg Delta-8 THC per gummy, with each bottle having 30 gummies. Meanwhile, the 1,500mg pack has 50mg Delta-8 THC per gummy. They also have less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

People love Tillmans Tranquils Delta-8 gummies because they are made using non-GMO, organic ingredients. Also, the treats are gluten-free and vegan safe, making them ideal for more people. By offering your first name and email, you can also unlock 10% off your first order.

Both packs have assorted flavors, and they are great whenever you want to enjoy a nice treat at any point of the day.



Vegan and gluten-free

Two packs with different Delta-8 contents

Assorted flavors


Small amounts of Delta-9 THC are present


5. Diamond CBD

If you want high-quality Delta-8 THC gummies, you can rely on Diamond CBD to provide them for you. Their Delta-8 gummies are excellent, and what is impressive is that the brand has a large selection of Delta-8 gummy packs so anyone can find something that suits their needs. You can get sample packs or full packs, and you can try out different flavors at the same time.

Anyone can go for the flavors that appeal the most to them. You can opt for a fruity mix of Blueberry, Mango, Green Apple, and many other tastes. Also, you can choose the strength yourself. Thus, you have the option to go for 300mg, 1,250mg, or more, depending on your preference and your experience with CBD and Delta-8 products.

The gummies were third-party lab tested and they were made using high-quality hemp.


Flavor variety

You can choose from multiple strengths

Good prices

Third-party lab testing


It may be hard to choose the right dose or ingredient combination as a beginner

Delta 8 Buying Guide: How to find the best Delta 8 gummies

You know the saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”?

Well, we believe in both!

Not only do we want to “give you the fish” by providing you with a list of the very best Delta 8 gummy brands in the industry, but we want to “teach you how to fish” by showing you how we qualified each brand.

So below is our personal buying guide for the most excellent Delta 8 gummies and how to spot a reputable and quality Delta 8 brand…

Delta 8 Hemp Source

First things first: Where does Delta 8 brand source their hemp? Since hemp is a very absorbent plant, the soil and growing practices must be of the highest quality. If they aren’t, the hemp plant will need to undergo further treatment, extraction, and testing methods.

Avoid Delta 8 brands that don’t use good farming practices, and/or don’t have their hemp cultivated on high quality soil. The cleaner the hemp source is, the more advantageous and safer the Delta 8 gummies will be.

Delta 8 Brand Transparency

You should never have to guess how your Delta 8 gummies are formulated. So it’s most appropriate to look for total transparency regarding extraction methods and the list of ingredients.

While Delta 8 is a rare cannabinoid, you must avoid Delta 8 brands that use risky formulation practices. You’re well advised to stick with the most desirable type of brand that either has a background in organic chemistry or employs professional chemists to create its Delta 8 THC.

And steer clear from Delta 8 brands who use unnecessary ingredients. All-natural ingredients are best when it comes to Delta 8 gummies.

Delta 8 Third Party Testing

Only the most reputable Delta 8 gummy brands will recruit third party testing. This ensures that their final product is free from harmful toxins, and that it is accurately labeled and safe to consume.

But before you buy their Delta 8 gummies, you need to make sure that brand provides an up-to-date Certificate of Analysis to prove that they’ve employed third party testing.

Third party testing is not cheap, so it’s important to be on the lookout for shady brands who say their products are third party tested but don’t provide lab test results — or provide fake lab test results. It’s important that you research how to read a given brand’s Delta 8 Certificate of Analysis (COA) and lab results before you buy. It’s not as hard as it sounds; it’s actually really straightforward.

Delta 8 Brand Reputation & Customer Service

Reputation and customer service go hand-in-hand in any business or brand. And if you’re looking at a Delta 8 brand that lacks one or both, RUN!

The best way to explore a Delta 8 brand’s reputation is to see what their actual customers are saying about them. Read their reviews and explore online forums like the Delta 8 Reddit group.

As for customer service, we encourage you to reach out to the Delta 8 brand you’re considering, either by email or phone. If they have an online chat available, use that as well.

Note: If a Delta 8 brand offers educational blog posts and scientific resources, that’s a huge bonus and a true testament of their overall reputation.

Delta 8 Potency

After we’ve checked off everything listed above, we check one last thing: the potency of the Delta 8 brands’ gummies and other products.

25mg of Delta 8 THC is usually the average dose for any gummy or edible. But if you’re new to Delta 8 THC, even that dose can be a bit high.

The good news: You can cut that dose in half and start with just 12.5mg of Delta 8. But be sure to give your body plenty of time to respond to the Delta 8 gummy before you dose yourself again.

If your Delta 8 tolerance is high, then you may want to invest in a higher milligram D8 gummy, or consider eating up to two 25mg D8 gummies in a day.

Delta 8 Gummies Benefits

There’s still a lot that we don’t know about Delta 8 THC. And while we know more studies are needed to confirm Delta 8’s safety and therapeutic effects, there are a few studies that reveal Delta 8 to be of some medicinal value.

One study showed that Delta 8 was more effective than morphine when given to rats [¹].

Another study found that Delta 8 THC was 100% effective in relieving intense nausea and vomiting in children undergoing severe chemotherapy treatments [²].

Even the National Cancer Institute states that Delta 8 THC is “an analogue of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) with antiemetic [anti-nausea], anxiolytic [anti-anxiety], appetite-stimulating, analgesic [pain relieving], and neuroprotective properties [³].”

While these studies are compelling, scientists are advocating for further research. But what about side effects?

Delta 8 Gummies Side Effects

Other than the common THC side effects  like red eyes, dry mouth, and a level of euphoria, not many side effects have been reported when taking Delta 8.

According to WebMD, some Delta 8 side effects may include low blood pressure, slower heart rate, and extreme tiredness. But this isn’t necessarily documented in scientific studies. In fact, the studies mentioned above never mentioned any adverse effects.

But because every person is different, certain people may respond differently to Delta 8 THC. They may feel more tired or more energized.

This is likely due to the quality, potency, and blend of the Delta 8 THC gummy or other products. Other cannabinoids, ingredients, and strengths can have a huge effect on how a person will react to Delta 8 THC.

This is all the more reason to be cautious about where you buy Delta 8 gummies near you or online.

Delta 8 FAQs: Most popular questions about Delta 8 Gummies

With all the information regarding Delta 8 THC and the best Delta 8 gummy brands listed above, you probably have a lot of questions lingering in your mind.

We want to help. Below is a list of common and not-so-common questions regarding Delta 8 THC gummies.

Take a moment and read through them. Then make your way back up to our list of the best Delta 8 gummies above, so you can start exploring all the benefits Delta 8 THC has to offer you.

Let’s begin…

What is Delta 8 Gummies?

Delta 8 gummies are chewy candies that are made from plant-based ingredients and then infused with Delta 8 THC.

Can Delta 8 Gummies get you high?

Yes, Delta 8 gummies will get you high. But the high from Delta 8 edibles are much more subtle than the high associated with Delta 9 or regular THC edibles [³].

What effect do Delta 8 Gummies have?

The effects of Delta 8 gummies are somewhat similar to the effects of Delta 9 THC gummies: euphoric. But the real question is, how do Delta 8 gummies make you feel? According to numerous reports, Delta 8 gummies can make you feel uplifted, relaxed, and elated with total mental clarity [³].

Are Delta 8 Gummies strong?

The strength of Delta 8 gummies depends on the potency and milligrams of the Delta 8 THC. Reputable Delta 8 brands will create high quality Delta 8 THC distillate that they will then infuse into their edibles. The more reputable the brand, the higher quality and stronger the Delta 8 THC gummy will likely be.

How many Delta 8 Gummies should I eat?

The typical dose of Delta 8 gummies are usually 25mg, and most reputable brands will recommend taking half of one 25mg Delta 8 gummy to as much as two 25mg Delta 8 gummies per day. If you’re new to Delta 8 THC, it’s best to start slow and with a low dose, preferably half of a 25mg Delta 8 gummy.

Can you eat Delta 8 Gummies everyday?

Like CBD, Delta 8 THC can be very therapeutic. And many people eat them to help ease the worries of a stressful day. But the human body can develop a tolerance to Delta 8 THC fairly quickly, so eating a high quality Delta 8 gummy everyday might not be effective in the long run — unless you’re okay with upping your dosage based on your tolerance level.

How do you maximize Delta 8 Gummies?

The best way to make Delta 8 edibles stronger and more effective is by eating them alongside a meal that contains healthy fats. This helps the body absorb Delta 8 THC much easier than if you were to take it on an empty stomach [].

How long does it take for Delta Gummies to kick in?

Delta 8 edibles take a little bit longer to kick in than other methods, but when they do, they can be pretty strong. They usually kick in 30 minutes to an hour after you’ve eaten them. But they can kick in faster if you’ve eaten a meal that contains healthy fats. However, everyone is different.

How long does it take for Delta 8 Gummies to wear off?

While Delta 8 gummies do take longer to kick in, their effects can actually last longer than other Delta 8 products.

Do Delta 8 Gummies give you the munchies?

While Delta 8 can stimulate appetite, it doesn’t cause the extreme munchies like traditional Delta 9 THC. However, studies do show that Delta 8 can increase consumption of foods which help improve cognitive function [].

Are Delta 8 Gummies legit?

Yes, as long as you buy them from a reputable Delta 8 brand. If you’re wondering if Delta 8 THC is legit legally, that all depends on your state laws. Hemp-derived Delta 8 THC is federally legal, but individual states control their recreational use in their territory. Check your state laws before you buy Delta 8 THC [].

Are Delta 8 Gummies safe?

Absolutely, but only when you buy Delta 8 THC gummies from trustworthy hemp brands that value third party testing and clean formulation processes.

Should Delta 8 Gummies be refrigerated?

While refrigerating Delta 8 gummies is not required, it can help preserve their freshness in the long run.

How to store D8 Gummies?

The best way to store Delta 8 gummies is in a cool, dark place; preferably in an airtight container, away from moist and humid environments.

Can I freeze Delta 8 Gummies?

It is not necessary to freeze Delta 8 gummies. Refrigeration may be ok, but freezing Delta 8 gummies may mess with the flavor and consistency of their formulation.

Are Delta 8 Gummies worth it?

Yes! Delta 8 gummies are worth spending your money on. They’re incredibly convenient, discreet, and are already pre-dosed. They may take longer to kick in, but their effects last longer than with other Delta 8 products.

Where can I buy Delta 8 Gummies near me?

The safest and best place to buy Delta 8 gummies is from reputable online Delta 8 brands. We caution against buying Delta 8 gummies from a gas station or headshop.

Reputable online hemp brands take the time to educate their customers on their Delta 8 products. And they always provide third party testing results, which ensures that the Delta 8 gummy is accurately labeled and safe to consume. If you want high quality Delta 8 gummies, then it’s best to go straight to the reputable brand that created them.

Best Delta 8 Gummies Takeaway

Let’s face it: Delta 8 THC is legal weed. The wait is over to get legally high, but remember that Delta 8 is way more subtle than traditional THC, and according to some, it’s considered a little more therapeutic as well.

But the only way to experience the amazing effects of Delta 8 THC, is if you buy it from reputable Delta 8 brands. Avoid questionable Delta 8 brands and use our helpful Delta 8 buying guide above. Or save yourself all the stress and just head back up to our list of the best Delta 8 brands, also above. We hope you find the high you’ve been looking for.