CBD for Energy: Do CBD Gummies Give You Energy?

CBD for Energy: Do CBD Gummies Give You Energy?

You know that old commercial where the Energizer Bunny is just going… and going… and going?

Of course, we know it’s impossible and flat-out unhealthy to just go all day and all night with that kind of energy.

But wouldn’t it be great to have energy when you absolutely needed it?

Now more than ever, thanks to hyperproductivity and crazy, unpredictable schedules, many people are feeling completely drained, worn out, and fatigued day in and day out.

So what gives?

Well, first…

What is energy?

According to the Oxford dictionary, energy is “the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity [¹].”

Now think about that… Energy is required to sustain both our physical and mental activity.

Without energy (and no, we aren’t talking about the energy used to power a light bulb; we’re talking about human energy that helps us focus), we simply can’t function properly.


How do humans get energy?

The main source of human energy is food [²]. As you may remember from Biology class, the human body is made up of trillions of cells.

And it’s these trillions of cells that are responsible for converting the nutrients of food into energy so that our body can function properly [³].

Now, there are three ways we obtain energy from food [²]:


Lipids (Fatty acids)

Polysaccharides (Carbohydrates)

Eating a balanced breakfast in the morning can really set you up for success and give your body the proper nutrients it needs to function throughout the day.

But we know that sometimes it’s just not possible to get a healthy breakfast on a busy morning. And for some people, a simple breakfast just doesn’t produce enough energy to get through an incredibly stressful day at work or school.


How to get more energy?

If you ask the people waiting in the ridiculously long lines at Starbucks in the mornings, they’ll tell you they need their latte or cappuccino first thing in the morning to even feel human.

And we get it… a cup of sugar, fat, and caffeine is not only delicious, but it’s also a physical and mental stimulant that gives your body a jolt of energy after you drink it.

But does it really give your body the energy it needs to focus? Or could it do more harm than good?

Not only is coffee filled with caffeine, but most people have a fat source like milk in their cup of joe, which we know is a source of energy.

But here’s the issue…

Not all milk is healthy, and if you have artificial sweeteners in your coffee, those aren’t healthy either.

And that’s not all….

Experts believe that too much coffee can actually cause the opposite effect []. In fact, too much caffeine in general, whether it comes from coffee, an energy drink, or an energy shot, can really wreak havoc on your system—causing feelings of anxiety, jitters, and mental fog.

But there are studies that indicate healthy doses of caffeine can actually help with cortisol levels [].

However, other studies found that high doses of caffeine, especially during puberty, produce harmful effects to the adrenal glands [].

This may explain why some people, who suffer from adrenal fatigue, feel even worse after consuming caffeinated beverages.

So the real question we should be asking is…

How to get more energy naturally?

The first natural way to boost your energy is by sleeping.

Here’s the thing…

Sleep recharges the brain, and according to Harvard Health Publishing, “There is also emerging evidence that getting enough REM sleep may help to preserve memory and cognitive function as you age [].”

Research also shows that sleep prompts balance in our body and helps to maintain our cortisol levels.

But here are other, natural ways you can boost your energy as well []:


Healthy eating

Staying hydrated with water

Maintaining your stress with yoga and meditation

Avoiding smoking

Limiting alcohol intake

Taking energy-inducing supplements

For now, let’s focus on supplements that prompt giving you energy.

Of course we all know about energy drinks, shots, and pills. But there are other supplements like B12, Ashwagandha, and teas like dandelion root and matcha, that are known to help increase focus, energy, and mental clarity.

But what about CBD?

Does CBD give you energy?

Ah yes, CBD—the cannabinoid that doesn’t get you high, and is hailed for helping with an array of unwanted ailments.

But what does science say about CBD and energy?

Let’s take a look…

In a 2014 review, researchers found that smaller doses of CBD (15mg) increased wakefulness in young adults. Still, more studies are needed to confirm these results [].

However, it is intriguing to see these results, especially when it involves a plant-derived cannabinoid that is known to be less invasive than harsh pharmaceuticals and legal stimulants like caffeine.

But is this enough evidence for people to try CBD for energy?

Let’s see what else scientists have noticed…

CBD for sleep

We know it’s human nature to want fast results. People want what they want… right now. But the human body isn’t built for instant gratification, all the time.

For lasting results, you have to be willing to take the right steps and go through the process if you want energy to last you longer than a few hours.

That’s why sleep is so essential. And CBD advocates everywhere swear by CBD’s ability to achieve a solid night’s sleep.

In fact, there’s even a study which showed 48 out of 72 patients experienced an improvement in their sleep within the first month of consuming CBD. 57 of those 72 patients also experienced less anxiety while on CBD [¹⁰].

What’s really interesting is that a lot of people who suffer from poor sleep, also battle neurological issues, mood disturbances, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, inflammation, and other medical conditions.

This means that if they can identify and fix these underlying issues, they may be able to restore their sleep, thus increasing their energy levels.

So how do we get better sleep and increase our energy?

Exercise, clean eating, and a healthy lifestyle are the foundation for better sleep and increased energy. But some people say that CBD plays a huge role in helping lay that foundation in the first place.


CBD gummies for sleep

Yes, we know that CBD oil and sleep often go hand-in-hand, but a lot of people have been finding success from high-quality CBD gummies for a restful night’s sleep.

In fact, many reputable brands have infused melatonin and CBD together in a gummy for sleep, while other reputable companies have combined lavender, passion flower with the same goal in mind.

So, if reputable brands can create CBD gummies that promote sleep, can they do the same for energy?

The answer: YES

Best CBD gummies for energy

Here’s what’s really cool about CBD gummies…

First of all, they’re fun to eat.

Secondly, they’re easy to dose and convenient to carry.

Most CBD gummies contain 25mg of CBD, while others contain as little as 5mg of CBD. If you remember the 2014 scientific review above that explores how lower doses of CBD increased wakefulness in young adults, CBD gummies could help you achieve that with a smaller dose [].

What’s more, many reputable companies have infused other wake-inducing herbs like ashwagandha, green tea, B12, Ginseng, Rhodiola, and even small doses of caffeine into their CBD gummies.

Now, if CBD gummies aren’t your cup of tea, CBD oil can be measured just as easily using a measured dropper.

And for those who just can’t go without a cup of joe in the morning, adding a few drops of CBD or popping a CBD gummy before or after your first sip may help with those unwanted coffee jitters.

CBD for energy: the bottom line

In the end, naturally increasing your energy really boils down to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But we get it, sometimes you just need a little help. And that’s where certain supplements can come into play.

That said, it’s important to note that CBD is not a “cure-all” supplement. It shouldn’t be used to treat, diagnose, or cure any health-related conditions or diseases.

Here’s our advice: if you decide to try CBD gummies or CBD oil for energy, be sure to purchase from reputable brands that source their CBD from organic hemp and thoroughly test their products through a third-party laboratory before they hit the market.

The higher the quality of CBD you purchase, the better results you’ll likely achieve.

And remember, as with any new supplement, always start slow and with a low dosage. Give your body time to respond. You can always increase the amount over time.