How Long Do CBD Edibles & Delta 8 Gummies Stay in Your System

How Long Do CBD Edibles & Delta 8 Gummies Stay in Your System

The two cannabinoids that people can’t seem to get enough of in the hemp industry are CBD and Delta 8 THC. And there’s no surprise why…

We all know what CBD is, and what it can do for your overall health and wellness. People around the world have seen the restorative value that CBD has to offer to both humans and pets. It’s been involved in multiple studies, and it’s still a highly sought-after cannabinoid, which is known as a medicinal anomaly among researchers [¹,²,³].

Yet now we have a relatively newer cannabinoid that offers similar therapeutic benefits, but with a twist… Delta 8 THC can get you high without breaking the federal law. How cool is that?

It too has been studied for its highly therapeutic abilities. In fact, one study found Delta 8 to be 100% successful in addressing symptoms of nausea and vomiting in children who were undergoing intense chemotherapy. And it seems like more studies are underway [].

But what’s most interesting about these two cannabinoids is that they can be consumed in a variety of different products. We’re talkin’ both CBD and Delta 8 gummies, capsules, vape carts, tinctures, and more.

Now, we all know that tinctures and vapes are among the most popular ways to consume these cannabinoids. Many people suggest that CBD oil or a Delta 8 tincture is much more versatile and fast-acting because the oil sits under the tongue for quick absorption.

Others suggest that Delta 8 vape carts and CBD hemp flower takes effect much faster because the lungs bypass blood filtration and digestion.

But what about CBD edibles and Delta 8 gummies? How fast do they take effect, and how long do those effects actually stay in your system?

Let’s take a look, shall we? But first…

How does Delta 8 THC and CBD work within your body?

Cannabinoids, like CBD and Delta 8 THC, are very similar to opioids. Now before you go into a panic, we’re not saying they’re additive like opioids. In fact, some studies show that cannabinoids could help target substance abuse [,,].

No… When we say “similar to opioids,” we’re simply saying they attach or influence our endogenous receptors to respond or react in a certain way.

For example, when we consume CBD or THC, they can send messages throughout our nervous system to either block pain, calm your nerves, or restore balance.

Think of CBD and Delta 8 THC as cell communicator specialists. They’re constantly sending, receiving, and processing messages from your Endocannabinoid System (ECS). And by flooding your ECS, they can help promote balance and restoration throughout your body. It’s truly a phenomenon, especially since all mammals produce their own endogenous cannabinoids [].

It’s almost as if our bodies should have been consuming cannabinoids from the very beginning.

So, what about…

Dosing CBD edibles and Delta 8 gummies?

Dosing CBD and Delta 8 edibles is primarily based on your weight, tolerance, experience, and overall symptoms.

For some people, a small amount of CBD will do the trick. But others, even if they’re smaller in size, may need a little stronger dose of CBD.

For example, children with epilepsy may need a more potent / highly concentrated amount of CBD to help ease their seizure activity. But for someone who needs a little more energy throughout the day, only a small amount may reach the desired effect [].

Dosing Delta 8 THC is a little different. Because Delta 8 is psychoactive, even a small amount could be effective. This is especially true if you’ve never consumed THC before.

Everyone responds differently to cannabinoids. That’s why it’s important to start slow and with a low dose. Give your body plenty of time to respond to the medicinal effects of both Delta 8 and CBD before you start dosing yourself with more.

Which brings us to…

How long does it take for the effects of CBD and Delta 8 to kick in?

Truth be told, it varies! There are several main factors that influence how quickly you’ll feel the effects of CBD or Delta 8 THC.

The first factor is usually the type of CBD or Delta 8 product you consume. The second is the dosage of Delta 8 and CBD, and the third is the biological makeup of your body.

Generally speaking, you can expect to feel the effects of both CBD and Delta 8 THC vape carts and hemp flower within minutes. Seriously, inhalation cannabinoid-based products are perhaps the most fast-acting products on the market.

CBD oils and Delta 8 tinctures are usually the second fastest-acting. That’s because they’re designed to be absorbed within the blood vessels that sit under the tongue. CBD oils and Delta 8 tinctures are also super versatile. So technically, you could create your own edibles and topical products.

But what a lot of people don’t know is that CBD edibles and Delta 8 gummies are also highly medicinal even if they take a little longer to take effect. CBD gummies and capsules can take 30 minutes to 2 hours to take effect. Delta 8 gummies and capsules usually kick in within 15 minutes to as much as 2 hours. It really depends on the user and the edible.

The reason for the long delay is our digestive system. It takes time for the edibles and capsules to be metabolized and then filtered through our liver. And since every person’s metabolism rate is different, the effects of these hemp edibles hit at different times [].

But there is one way you could improve their bioavailability and time to take effect… Consume the CBD edibles and Delta 8 gummies with high fat foods. Seriously, you’ll be surprised at how effective this can be.

In fact, one study found that “CBD exposure is vastly increased when CBD is taken with high fatty foods.

When compared to fasting, taking CBD with food increased the amount of CBD in the body by four times and the maximum amount recorded in the participants’ blood by 14-times…[¹⁰]”

Another study found that dietary fats can “increase systemic exposure to orally administered cannabis and cannabis-based medicines…[¹¹]”

So if you want to potentially increase the effects of Delta 8 gummies and CBD edibles, take them after you’ve eaten some fatty foods, like buttered toast, avocado dip, or coconut ice cream.

But now we need to know…

How long do Delta 8 and CBD effects last in the human body?

Again, it varies from person to person. The amount of CBD and Delta 8 you consume, and the potency of those cannabinoids, are what determine how long they will last. But we have some good news…

While inhalation products like Delta 8 vape carts and CBD hemp flower are fast-acting, their effects typically wear off pretty quickly. Hence the reason why so many people need to take several hits.

But CBD edibles and Delta 8 gummies are much different. While their effects may take a little longer to kick in, those effects will last anywhere from 2 to even 6 hours. That’s a long time. That’s why reputable hemp brands will only recommend you consume one Delta 8 gummy or CBD edible at a time.

If you’re more concerned about how long Delta 8 and CBD stays in your system for drug testing, that really depends on your biological system.

It can take days for cannabinoids to leave your body completely. That’s because the more you consume, the more these cannabinoids will reside in your tissues and cells. So while you may not feel the effects of these cannabinoids after 24 hours, it doesn’t mean that they have completely left your body.

For those reasons, it’s imperative that you do your research regarding drug testing and Delta 8 THC/CBD.

Should you consume CBD and Delta 8 gummies?

It’s hard to ignore the medicinal value of both CBD and Delta 8 THC. And as more evidence and clinical studies come to light about how therapeutic these cannabinoids are, it’s only a matter of time until people no longer want to deal with the invasive drugs that usually contribute to unwanted side effects and symptoms.

For those reasons, we highly recommend you give Delta 8 and CBD gummies a try, especially from reputable hemp brands.

That said, if you are currently on any pharmaceutical medications, it’s important that you let your doctor know you’re wanting to try high quality CBD and premium Delta 8 THC from legit brands. They may want to monitor you to ensure that there are no negative drug interactions in the long run.

If you take the right steps and use a discerning eye, you may find that CBD edibles and Delta 8 gummies are worth adding to your daily regimen.