How to Store Your CBD Products

How to Store Your CBD Products

Many have switched to CBD oil and other similar products, fully embracing the benefits that this apparently magical compound has to bring. To some, CBD is simply a way to improve their mood and help them relax. To others, it is a necessary pain relief that they can’t go without.

If you’re planning to use CBD, then you should know that it has several active compounds that require proper care. That means that if you intend to use the product and want to stay safe or experience the same potency, you should know how to store the products.

Keep on reading this post to find out everything regarding CBD storage so you can take full advantage of its benefits.

How Long Does CBD Oil Usually Last?

CBD oil is one of the most popular ways to consume CBD – usually because this is considered more effective than other types of CBD products. Oils can be added under the tongue, from where the cannabinoids can quickly enter the bloodstream. Holding the oil in place for 30-90 seconds before swallowing is recommended if you want to enjoy the CBD effects to the fullest. [1]

CBD oil has its own shelf life, though, and if you don’t want the quantity you use to become less potent, you should have an idea about how long it lasts.

The shelf life of the item will depend on what type of oil you own. You can purchase broad-spectrum CBD, full-spectrum CBD, water-soluble CBD, and CBD isolate. [2]

Various factors can all influence the lifetime of the oil, including the packaging, quality, and storage of the liquid.

Most of the time, you should be able to maintain the freshness of a new bottle of CBD oil for about 18-24 months. Of course, this only applies as long as you do not open the bottle and you store it properly.

If you open the bottle, then 6 months is the amount of time during which the substance will keep the same concentration of CBD and will be safe to consume. The place where the container is stored will also influence this timeframe.

Products that are processed and go through heating procedures usually have a longer shelf life. Similarly, raw CBD oil will have a shorter life, as the oil is going through natural transformations.

Most of the time, you will be able to find the shelf life of the CBD oil on the bottle’s packaging. It will include different details, including how long the product should be kept and used after you open the bottle.

But some CBD products can go bad even before the expiration date. In this situation, you should be able to see immediately that CBD oil has expired.

Signs that Your CBD Oil Is Out of Date

There are some telltale signs that point to rancid CBD oil. Before you start using CBD oil, especially if the bottle has already been opened before, you may want to check that the solution is safe to consume, and it is not out of date. After all, you do that with every other product you buy from the shop, so why would CBD oil be an exception?

One of the first signs that your CBD oil is no longer safe to use is the expiry date. Checking the packaging will reveal when the oil should be thrown away. So, if you notice that you are past the expiry date, you don’t really have to look for other signs.

But the expiry date alone is not always reliable. Other factors such as the temperature, packaging, ingredients, quality, and light could influence the condition of the product, making it go bad before you even reach the expiration date.

A bad smell is a sign that your CBD oil isn’t good anymore. Good CBD oil should have quite an earthy smell that is not unpleasant in the slightest. But a funky odor should tell you that something is wrong.

The taste will also change once CBD oil is no longer safe to consume. Of course, this is often the case when the product doesn’t contain any artificial flavor. According to users, the oil has a “grassy” or “earthy” taste. If the taste is different and strange all of a sudden, it could mean that your CBD oil has expired.

The texture and formula of the oil will also be different once the product is past its expiry date or external factors have caused it to go bad. It may be cloudy, but it may also experience color changes. A CBD oil that has gone bad will usually look darker.

There is another sign that your CBD oil is out of date – it’s less potent. Sure, this will be harder to notice, especially if you’re a novice. But if you start getting less of the results you used to get with the same CBD oil quantity, chances are that it expired.

Can Expired CBD Oil Endanger You?

Yes, CBD oil expires, but what happens if you unknowingly ingest oil that has gone bad? Will you feel sick or experience other severe health problems?

It’s highly unlikely for expired CBD oil to make you feel sick. The thing that will most likely happen is that there will be a decrease in potency, making the product less effective. Therefore, you will not experience the same benefits of the product, at least not as intensely as you did before.

You will probably not get sick if you use expired CBD oil, but you can still choose to stay safe. If you notice that the oil you’ve purchased has gone bad, then get rid of the bottle and get a new, fresh one.

Why You Should Be Careful with CBD Storage

People use CBD for all sorts of reasons. Some use it to help them relax and stay focused on certain tasks or activities, while others use it to treat various health problems or conditions.

For instance, in 2018, the FDA approved one type of CBD medication to treat epilepsy symptoms in children dealing with the Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndromes. [3] As such, CBD can also be effective against epilepsy when administered accordingly.

Other people use it to relieve certain types of pain. A survey involving participants from different Southern California clinics revealed that most subjects that took CBD experienced relief in chronic pain. It also helped them rely less on pain medications such as opioids. [4]

CBD is also a potential treatment for anxiety disorders. Studies have revealed that CBD can help manage anxiety related to different disorders like SAD, OCD, PTSD, and others. [5]

While CBD has been shown to be effective in managing and treating these conditions among many others, the potency of the product consumed can affect its effectiveness. That being said, not storing your CBD products properly can lead to a decrease in potency, which will not bring the same results as before.

Learning how to store your CBD items properly will help you consume safe products. It will also guarantee the effectiveness of the cannabidiol.

Factors that Influence the CBD Oil Expiration

Understanding what affects your CBD oil will help you store your products effectively. From the packaging of the oil to its quality and the way you store it, various factors can impact how fast your tincture goes bad.

Here is what you should consider:

·      Extraction Process

Different types of CBD oils are made using various extraction methods.

The best method is the carbon dioxide one, as it can boost the level of CBD and various other cannabinoids. What is even better is that the stability of the compounds is maintained through this process. [6]

·      Light

Keeping CBD oil in direct light may result in the UV rays breaking the CBD down, which then leads to the oil going bad faster. This is why you should store CBD oil in a dark place.

·      Heat

The CBD can also be broken down by excessive heat – this is why you should never store your oil in areas with high temperatures.

·      Air

Air can also cause a reaction with the CBD’s molecules, which could cause damage to the liquid. Airtight containers are the best for safe maintenance.

·      Ingredients

Everything that CBD oil contains, including the flavoring, can affect how long the substance will last. Doing research into the product you are buying will always tell you how long it can last if stored properly.

All CBD oils from legit brands will have a certificate of analysis or COA. This proves that third-party testing has been done for the product, ensuring the safety and quality of the ingredients. Look for this certificate, as it will tell you more about the oil and how long it will last. [7]

Storing Different Types of CBD Products

Different CBD products may require various types of storage, and you should know where it is best to keep your items. Here are the different CBD product types and how you should preserve each one of them:

·      CBD Oil

Compared to other CBD products on the market, oil tends to last longer – which is one of the reasons why long-term CBD consumers prefer it.

Now, each CBD oil will last for a certain amount of time depending on the brand, packaging, and other aspects. Still, you can help preserve its optimal condition with a few simple tips.

Considering that CBD oil can be affected by factors including temperature, air, and light, you should always keep it in a dark bottle, one that is preferably not transparent. Ideally, you should keep it in the packaging it came in.

Then, keep it away from light and in a cool area. A closet, cupboard, or pantry are great spots for your CBD oil.

And to prevent bacteria from reaching the inside of the bottle, always use a clean spoon or dropper whenever you are using the substance.

Make sure the container is air-tight and that you close it properly after you are done using the product.

·      Skincare CBD Products

CBD products used for skincare include various topicals such as creams and lotions. The good news is that these tend to be made to last longer, as their packaging has been designed for this purpose.

At the same time, you should not neglect their storage. Make sure you keep them in a spot that is not only dark but also cool. Moreover, ensure there is no humidity in the storage area.

·      CBD Edibles

CBD edibles include various products, such as drinks, capsules, and gummies. [8]

Generally, edibles do not last that long. So, if you fancy eating a CBD gummy now and then or you want to drink a CBD beverage at the end of the day, you should always consume them sooner rather than later.

Sometimes, you can keep edibles in the refrigerator, as this is the best way to preserve their condition – especially if you don’t want to consume them immediately. You should just bear in mind that whether the packaging has been opened or not will also have an impact on the product’s expiration.

·      CBD Cooking Oil

There is a special CBD oil that can also be used for cooking. Most of the time, its shelf life will be lower compared to other CBD products.

Both CBD cooking oil and butter should be preserved in the freezer. There, they can last for up to 6 months. In the fridge, they will only last for several weeks.

After taking the product out of the freezer, you should have the CBD cooking oil stored in an air-tight bottle and then kept in a cupboard. The fridge would also be a good place for it. Meanwhile, the butter should always stay in the fridge.

Storing CBD During a Trip

Many people who like to travel want to take their CBD products with them. You will be allowed to bring your CBD items with you as long as they have no more than 0.3% THC. [9]

Storage will be just as important during a trip. Keep in mind that storing CBD in your hold luggage could expose it to higher temperatures. If you are traveling by car, the CBD should not stay in the vehicle for too long.

Use aluminum foil and wrap it around the product while you travel. This will act as a shield against light and heat.

The Bottom Line

CBD products require proper storage if you want them to last for as long as possible. Do your best to keep them in a cool, dark place, and an air-tight container. On top of that, check the expiry date, but also the condition of the product before using it. This way, you can make sure that the item lasts longer and preserves its benefits.