How to Take CBD Oil – The Most Important Things You Should Know

How to Take CBD Oil – The Most Important Things You Should Know

Since the Farm Bill in 2018, CBD has become quite popular. A lot of individuals started using it to help manage various issues, such as sleep problems, pain, anxiety, and other issues. But although CBD is added to numerous products, such as gummies, creams, and capsules, CBD oil remains one of the most popular ways to obtain the benefits of the compound.

Perhaps you have been thinking of trying CBD oil too, but you don’t know what to do next. It may be difficult to figure out how to take the product and what your options are.

We have thought about people like you and compiled this guide to help you out.

Does CBD Get You High?

The 2018 Farm Bill allowed many CBD companies to grow and gain customers. As certain hemp products were legalized, a lot of individuals felt more comfortable purchasing and using them, especially after learning about the benefits of hemp. The bill legalized industrial hemp that has no more than 0.3% of THC and removed low-THC from the Schedule I category of the Controlled Substances Act. [1]

CBD products are sold by many companies now, even though some states have restrictions regarding the legal status of CBD. States like Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, and a few others have restricted legal CBD status, with some of these states only allowing it for medicinal purposes. [2]

Despite all the information that people can find out about CBD, many are still confused regarding two aspects: can CBD get you high, and is it the same as marijuana?

Cannabidiol is one of the active compounds that the marijuana plant produces. It is one of the most known compounds. Another known compound is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. The latter is the one responsible for the “high” feeling one gets when using marijuana.

Cannabidiol or CBD can be made by the marijuana plant. However, it can also come from hemp. Hemp is a plant related to marijuana that contains lower amounts of THC, respectively 0.3% or less.

Nowadays, CBD is isolated from the plant and is added to different types of products, especially oils and tinctures. While some believe that CBD can get you high, that is not the case.

CBD does not have the psychoactive properties that THC does. So, unlike marijuana, which causes a high sensation, CBD can decrease depression and anxiety symptoms according to research. [3]

How to Take CBD Oil at Home

If you have decided to use CBD oil, then you should know how to take it properly and safely. The method depends on the reason you are taking CBD, your condition, and your doctor’s recommendations. But it also comes down to preference in some cases.

That being said, let’s take a look at 8 ways to use CBD oil:

1.   Take It in Cocktails

Many people who would fancy having a drink on a weekend night decide to go for CBD cocktails. Some places offer such drinks for everyone who is into CBD. So, if you would rather enjoy the benefits of the compound while savoring a refreshing drink, this is the way to go.

In San Diego, people have been ordering The Mr. Nice Guy, which is a mixture of mezcal and vodka that also contains CBD. So, if this sounds good to you, perhaps you should look into places that offer CBD cocktails.

2.   Add It in a Balm or Rub

Not everyone wants to use CBD oil orally, so they may be more interested in topical products. In this case, a topical balm or rub might be more suitable for you.

Many times, you can find a rub or balm that combines the fragrant beeswax or coconut oil with CBD. What makes this so great is that you can enjoy the advantages of CBD while making sure your body smells nice. The formulas are easy to spread on the skin and they absorb quite fast.

CBD in balms or rubs can help relieve sore joints or muscles. A study involving 52 participants revealed that CBD helped relieve the stiffness of joints and muscle tension after exercise in more than 97% of the participants. Another study from 2020 showed how CBD can improve muscle recovery rates and decrease muscle pain. [4]

3.   Use It in Treats

Everyone loves a yummy treat now and then, right? Whether you are a candy addict or just someone who enjoys some tasty goods occasionally, you will definitely not refuse if someone offers you some delicious treats.

What makes CBD oil great apart from its health and relaxation benefits is that you can pretty much bake it into everything. That being said, you can add it to caramel candies, gummies, and brownies – all that good stuff.

On top of that, tasty sweets can be taken anywhere. You can eat them on your way to the gym and you can keep them in your bag. When it comes to the goods you have baked, you should keep them in a refrigerator to make sure the CBD is fresh when you consume them.

4.   Use It in a Salad Dressing

CBD oil is easy to use while you are cooking, and many people prefer this method. After all, it is simpler to just add the compound to a recipe than to worry about having to take it separately.

One of the best ways to include CBD oil in your daily cooking routine is by adding it to a salad dressing full of nutrients. You can simply use 3 – 4 tablespoons of olive oil and then add two CBD oil teaspoons. Other than that, you can add salt, pepper, and juice from a half lemon. This way, you will get a delicious salad dressing with multiple benefits for your wellbeing.

5.   Add It to Your Coffee

Your morning coffee may be the part of the day you are most excited about. Coffee is not only a delicious drink that helps keep you alert and awake throughout the day,[5] but it is also an opportunity to enjoy CBD oil’s benefits.

There are now more and more CBD coffee brands out there that advertise coffee beans that were infused with CBD oil. The magical drink that results from these coffee beans is said to keep you awake and focused while decreasing your anxiety.

But if you have a favorite coffee brand that you do not want to give up on, you can add CBD-infused dairy-free milk to the morning coffee instead. This will let you enjoy the same delicious drink, just with an extra benefit now. Let’s just say that it is coffee with a boost.

6.   Use CBD Oil in Smoothies

If you are someone who likes having a smoothie in the morning, then you can make it better by adding some CBD oil to it. This is especially a good option for individuals who are not fans of the earthly taste of CBD oil and want to mask it with a better-tasting flavor.

All you have to do is add half a teaspoon of CBD oil to your regular smoothie. This way, you will get to enjoy your favorite smoothie and benefit from the calming effects of the hemp compound. It makes for a good start to the day.

7.   Take CBD Oil Capsules

People who do not have the time to add CBD oil to their recipes or drinks or simply do not want to go through that effort can use a much simpler method – they can take CBD oil capsules.

Yes, CBD brands also developed capsule forms for CBD, so you can quickly swallow one of these at the start of your day and wait for the CBD to take effect. One thing you have to remember is that for the CBD to take effect, you have to wait up to 30 minutes. After all, the CBD has to pass through your digestive tract first, and then you will experience everything it has to offer.

8.   Take It in Tinctures

Tinctures represent one of the easiest ways to use CBD oil, which is why this method is so popular and loved by CBD users. A tincture is a solution you can either take by spray or dropper into the mouth.

As such, when you have a CBD tincture, you can put it under your tongue directly. Since this mouth area is capillary-rich, the CBD will be able to quickly enter your bloodstream. [6] So, the effects will take in faster as compared to taking CBD oil capsules, for example.

After dropping some oil under your tongue, keep it there for around a minute, then you can swallow. It is as simple as that.

How Much CBD Should You Take?

The amount of CBD you should take depends on various factors. To begin with, you should take into consideration your experience with CBD. Secondly, think about your condition or issue and whether you are taking certain drugs and medications at the same time. These are the main aspects that can influence the right dose for you.

There is no dose that has been agreed upon universally. According to research, individuals will have different reactions to multiple dosages. This is why the amount that may be right for you may not be right for a different person.

For example, there was a study that involved giving CBD to people suffering from anxiety. The results showed anxiety level improvements in participants who took CBD doses from 300 mg to 600 mg. [7]

Meanwhile, other studies involved 25 mg of CBD per day for people with bad sleep, 50 mg to 600 mg per day for people who were experiencing cancer-related pain, and 10 mg per day for people suffering from bowel disease. As you can see, the doses are different depending on your condition.

Since doses vary from one person to another, it is important to discuss this matter with your doctor before you start using any amount of CBD oil. Sometimes, CBD oil can make symptoms worse.

Not to mention that CBD oil can also come with some risks and may lead to some side effects in certain people. Some of the most common side effects are drowsiness, nausea, diarrhea, liver problems, cotton mouth, and interference with other medications. [8] So, the safest route would be to talk with a doctor before using CBD oil.

What Kind of CBD Oil Should You Take?

CBD oil comes in different types. Some contain just CBD, while others have a few extra ingredients in their formula. The types of CBD oil you can come across are:

  • Isolate CBD oil contains CBD only, which is a good option for individuals who do not want to get the “high” sensation.


  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil has CBD as well as other cannabinoids. THC is not part of the ingredients, though.


  • Lastly, you can also find full-spectrum CBD oil, which contains CBD, as well as THC and other cannabinoids.


The Bottom Line

As you were able to see, there are many ways to take CBD oil. Some love adding a few drops of CBD oil sublingually, while others prefer adding the oil to their daily meals or drinks. CBD oil can be added to coffee, smoothies, cocktails, and salad dressings, but you can also take CBD oil capsules if you think it is easier for you.

Choose the desired method based on preference. Also, make sure that the dosage is in accordance with your condition and your doctor’s recommendations. This way, you can take CBD oil safely.