Top 9 Best CBD Creams and Gels Reviewed

Top 9 Best CBD Creams and Gels Reviewed

Let’s be honest: when you’re walking past a storefront, you’re not only looking at the items sold on the other side of the glass window. You’re also looking at your reflection.

We all do it. Catching a glimpse of our reflection isn’t necessarily a sign that you’re obsessed with yourself. Rather, you care about how you’re presenting yourself to the world. You’re double-checking your face, hair, body, and skin.

And when you try on clothes, you’re not only checking to see how they look on your body; you’re also paying attention to how they feel on your skin.

Our skin is our largest organ, so why wouldn’t we pay attention to it?

Here’s the deal… The skin care industry is a booming market. We guarantee you have at least one (and maybe five, or even twenty) skin care products lying around in your house right now. Yes, soap counts.

And since skin is our largest organ, it’s also considered as the entry point of our health.

You see, those little pores lining your skin are actually tiny openings that allow microscopic particles to enter into your body.

And believe us, your skin is constantly absorbing everything around you—from the air you breathe and clothes you wear, to the skin care products you apply on a daily basis, portions of all of these things are being absorbed.

Which means, your skin is constantly deciphering which microscopic particles are good and which ones are bad.

So, developing a healthy skin care routine is one of the best ways you can address internal balance, pain relief, and relaxation.

This where CBD creams, gels, and other topicals come into play.

Believe it or not, Topical CBD products aren’t just another way to capitalize on the CBD craze. Using these topicals is perhaps one of the most ingenious ways for your body to benefit from CBD’s undeniable therapeutics.

But we get it, you’re probably up to your ears with multiple CBD brands stating they have the best CBD creams and gels to fit your needs. And maybe some of them do. But that’s just it… How do you know for sure if a product is worth it, without wasting your hard earned money and time?


Best CBD Creams and Gels

Now you’re probably wondering: Will I run into the same ol’ so-called “best CBD gels and creams” here, too?

Nope, you won’t!

You see, we’ve worked in the CBD industry for years now. So we have a good idea of what to look for in a CBD cream. And more importantly, we’ve tried a whole lotta topical CBD products.

Some were OK, while others had us scratching our heads wondering, “Does this product even have CBD in it?”

And only a few topicals have made us into true believers of why CBD creams and gels are so beneficial.

That’s what we want to share with you today: the best CBD creams and gels we’ve personally tried and have seen profound results.

So, enough of our bantering… Let’s get to it.

Brands of CBD Gels and Creams listed:

1. Leaf Remedys

If you’re looking for a good cooling gel, then Leaf Remedys has just what you need. Their muscle relief CBD gel can help provide extra relief. The CBD is extracted from the very potent hemp plants grown in Colorado. It only contains natural ingredients. Not only does it have full-spectrum hemp oil, but also a few other things like black pepper oil, organic aloe leaf juice, and menthol crystals among others.

Massaging it into a painful area can provide great relief from pain. Many people deal with pain from physical effort, and sometimes even from sitting in the wrong positions for extended periods. The Leaf Remedys CBD gel can help with pain, stiffness, and swelling. What makes it so great is the fact that it works very fast. It’s easy to spread and can be used several times a day.


Quickly relieves pain

Can be applied easily

Only contains natural ingredients

Amazing cooling effect


One size only



The second one on our list is CBD FX, one of the largest names on the CBD market. The brand features a great CBD cream for muscle and joint pain, proven to relieve pain while acting as a cooling formula for a long-lasting effect. This cream contains several ingredients, such as caffeine, white willow bark, and menthol on top of the CBD. It’s great for anyone dealing with random pain and aches, as well as individuals who are athletes and experience such issues frequently.

People can get this product in three strengths, respectively 500MG CBD, 1,000MG CBD, and 3,000MG CBD. To enjoy the effects of the cream, individuals can simply just rub the cream into the affected area. After rubbing it into the whole painful area, it takes around 10-20 minutes to start feeling relief.


Pleasant smell

Starts working fast

Easy to rub into the skin

A great alternative to sports creams


The effects don’t last that long with the smaller concentrations


3. Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is also a great company, and its CBD Oil Biotech cream is quite popular. The cream comes in multiple CBD strengths, starting with as little as 250MG and going as far as 10,000MG.

This pain relief cream is ideal for athletes, especially when they’re dealing with painful joints, legs, back, neck, and other similar problems. It takes minutes for it to act, providing a soothing effect that lasts long enough to make you forget that you even felt any pain, to begin with. The CBD oil lotion contains natural CBD-infused hemp oil and menthol. All you must do is rub it into your skin and wait for it to take effect.

The Diamond CBD cream can be applied several times every day.


Great for stiff joints and pain

Quick effect

Improves sleep


It can be very expensive in higher strengths


4. Fab CBD

Fab CBD added “fab” in their name for a reason because their products are absolutely fabulous! This, of course, includes their topical CBD cream, which contains CBD cultivated from some of the best Colorado organically grown hemp.

What makes this cream stand out is the smell: it has a blood-orange scent that is quite subtle, making it very pleasant. Not to mention that it is light and silky, and unlike other topical creams, it is not greasy. You can rub it into the affected areas without worrying about making a mess.

The cream can be rubbed into the sore and tired muscles, providing great pain relief within a short amount of time. This product is great for everyone, whether they’re athletes or just normal persons experiencing muscle pain. It contains 600MG of CBD.


Pleasant scent

Easy to rub into the skin




You can only find it in 600MG strength


5. Green Roads CBD

Green Roads wanted to make sure that they provide CBD creams for everyone – therefore, they have creams in different sizes and concentrations.

You can find a pain relief cream that contains active ingredients such as Menthol and Methyl Salicylate, but also a certain CBD dose per bottle. People can apply it to sprains, strains, arthritis, and even simple backaches. For extra skin support, the formula contains eucalyptus oil, vitamin E, and avocado oil. You can choose between 150mg, 350mg, and 750mg.

They also offer a skin relief CBD cream that can be used by those suffering from dry, red, itchy, or irritated skin. With lavender oil, avocado oil, and safflower oil in it, it can be found in 210mg CBD content or travel size.

Moreover, there is also a fast-absorbing travel size muscle and joint relief CBD cream with the same soothing effects.


Fast pain relief

It can also take care of the skin

Can be found in pocket-sized versions



Not everyone likes the smell


6. Joy Organics

Joy Organics offers two different CBD creams. One of them is the sports cream, which is great for athletes. After applying it to the affected area, it can do wonders at soothing sore muscles, particularly after an intense workout. As a result, the user can move around more easily, especially if they’re not done with their workout, or they have an important sports event coming. The cream is also travel-friendly, so it can always provide comfort. It’s easy to apply, and it has a strong scent.

The other cream by Joy Organics is the muscle & joint support one, which can also help with painful muscles and joints. It provides fast relief and can even nourish skin that is dry and cracked.


Helps revitalize joints and muscles

Can help nourish dry and cracked skin

Quick results

Very nice smell

Not expensive


The scent may be too strong for some people


7. Onyx + Rose

Onyx + Rose has a wide range of CBD products, some of them from the skincare area. One of their top items is a CBD eye cream that can help fight wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles.

Nobody likes waking up, looking in the mirror, and seeing dark circles, wrinkles, and a swollen face. With the CBD eye cream from Onyx + Rose, you can get that confidence boost and get rid of the skin issues that keep worrying you. The cream is vegan and cruelty-free, and it has no drying alcohol, parabens, sulfates, and fragrance.

The hemp extract can bring balance to the skin, while the linoleic acid can minimize aging signs and keep the natural barrier of the skin. The dimethicone cross polymer can also improve flexibility and softness.


Vegan product

Can relieve aging signs like wrinkles

Reduces puffiness and dark circles

Hydrates the skin


It has a small concentration of CBD


8. Procana

Procana can help anyone who is experiencing muscle and joint stiffness and pain, but also swelling and bruises. Their CBD+ Arnica & Menthol Freeze topical solution can be applied on the skin to take effect, and the relief can be experienced very fast. It is a great formula for both athletes and non-athletes.

The product can be found in 250mg and 500mg strengths, and what makes it even better is that it has Arnica Montana extract. Not to mention that it has a menthol cooling agent that makes it even more soothing.

By shaking the bottle and rolling it on the affected area, users can quickly obtain the desired effect and proceed with their daily activities, forgetting that they even had a pain beforehand. At the same time, it can considerably improve sleep.


Works very fast

It isn’t greasy

Can help with pain, swelling, and stiffness

Easy to apply on the skin

Pleasant smell


The smaller concentration doesn’t have such an intense effect

9. Verma Farm

The last product on our list comes from Verma Farm. The company created a very soothing CBD cream, which is not only qualitative but also has a wonderful scent. They combined coconut and vanilla to create a very sweet scent, so you will be eager to apply it only to feel this delicious smell.

The product contains 500mg of unadulterated CBD, as well as coconut and vanilla extracts. It is free of THC, though.

The formula acts very fast, targeting pain and offering the relief you’re looking for. If you are suffering from any muscle and joint pain, then this is certainly a product to look forward to. The cream can be used several times every day.


Can act very fast after it is applied

High-quality product

Relieves painful muscles

Contains CBD and various other natural ingredients

Has a very pleasant smell


You cannot choose other CBD strengths

How we chose the best CBD creams and gels

Now that you have our list of the best CBD creams, gels, and other topicals, you might be wondering… How on earth did we narrow down the river of the most excellent CBD topicals to a top 10 list?

We’re so glad you asked, because the truth is it took a lot of time. You see, we’ve spent years exploring different CBD brands and personally trying each of their CBD topicals the find the most desirable type of product.

So our list of the best CBD gels and creams above are the exact topical CBD products we use on a daily basis. And let’s just say, they’ve been the game chargers in our skin health and overall internal balance. These are highly quality products, effective at providing desired results.

But finding those CBD topicals took a lot of due diligence on our part. We had to research each CBD brand thoroughly before we considered trying out their CBD topicals for ourselves. It’s a lot of work, but it’s our job, and we love what we do.

So, we now want to share with you how we chose the best CBD creams and gels listed above.

Source of CBD

The first and most appropriate thing we look for is where the brand sources their CBD. We look for high quality sources like nutrient rich soils and American hemp farms.

The cleaner the soil, the more nutrient dense the CBD will be. We prefer organically grown hemp as it’s highly advantageous for your skin!

CBD Brand Transparency

Transparency is key when researching different CBD brands. And you’d be surprised at how some brands don’t like to share certain details, like their extraction methods or formulation processes. That’s why it’s well advised to dig deeper.

If a CBD brand is not willing to be transparent, that’s a red flag!

That’s why we want to see a detailed description of how they extract their hemp-derived CBD and the specific ingredients they use in their formulation processes.

We prefer clean extraction methods like CO2 Extraction that don’t use harmful solvents or cutting agents. We also want to see clean ingredients in the final product. The less additives, fillers, preservatives, and unnecessary ingredients, the better the final CBD cream will be.

CBD Third Party Testing

If you come across a CBD brand that does not test their products through a third party laboratory, RUN!

Third party testing ensures that the final CBD creams and gels are free from toxins that can be very harmful to your overall health—like pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, GMO’s, phthalates, sulfates, heavy metals, and so on.

When you do come across a CBD brand that mentions third party testing, you need to see the proof. That’s why we look for an up-to-date Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Most reputable CBD cream brands will provide their COA’s and lab results on their website. However, there are a few that require you to reach out to them to receive the lab test results through email.

CBD Brand Reputation and Customer Service

Believe it or not, we love reading real-life customer reviews. Before we tried any of the CBD creams and gels listed above, we read what real customers had to say about those products.

We even read what Reddit users have to say about topical CBD brands.

But we didn’t stop there… We also explored each topical CBD brand’s customer service. We want to see contact information along with educational blogs and studies.

We look for CBD brands that focus on the needs of their customers rather than just profiting off their customers.

We told you, it takes a lot of due diligence to find the best topical CBD brands, but we do it for you and we do it for us, because we’re consuming these products too.

Now then, let’s take a look at…

How to find the best CBD gels and creams

While we highly encourage you to give our list of the best CBD gels and creams a try, we understand if you feel more comfortable in doing your own research.

So, we’ve put together a guide to help you find the best CBD creams and gels on your own. Here’s what to look for…

Hemp source: Look for CBD brands that source their CBD from high quality hemp farms, preferably organic and American grown.

Brand transparency: Pay attention to the CBD brand’s extraction methods and formulation processes. Steer clear from brands that utilize harmful solvents, cutting agents, and unnecessary ingredients.

Third party testing: Only purchase from CBD brands that third party test their topical CBD products. Then make sure that they have up-to-date COA’s available so you can review the lab test results.

CBD brand reputation and customer service: See what other customers have to say about the CBD brand. Pay attention to their customer service. Do they care about educating their customers, or are they just looking to turn a quick profit?

Cost of CBD Topicals: CBD topicals shouldn’t be overly priced, but they shouldn’t be incredibly cheap either. Reputable CBD brands base their prices on the serving size, strength, ingredients, and amount of CBD per bottle.

Steer clear from gas station CBD topicals. Rather, purchase from legit CBD brands online.

Never purchase from a CBD brand that makes unrealistic medical claims about their CBD topicals, like “this CBD cream can treat acne or rare skin diseases”. False medical claims are illegal in the CBD industry!

We know, it’s a lot to consider when looking for a high quality CBD cream or gel, but believe us… By doing your due diligence in following the guidelines above, the better off you’ll be in finding a CBD topical that’s truly effective and safe to put on your highly absorbent skin.

Cooling gel vs. warming gel

In the CBD topical industry, there are three types of CBD gels: Cooling gels, warming gels, and plain ol’ gels.

Depending on the type of discomfort or pain you feel, you may find that cooling or warming gels might address those relentless aches and pains more effectively.

Athletic professionals often recommend heat therapy for muscle stiffness and discomfort, and cooling for acute inflammation, swelling, and injuries.

We encourage you to pay close attention to your muscles, joints, bones, and overall skin. What are you feeling? Chronic aches and discomfort, or acute injury pain?

You may have to try both CBD warming and cooling gels to see which one addresses your needs best.

CBD Topical Benefits

Believe it or not, there are several studies that have explored the benefits of topical CBD. In fact, some studies have found CBD to be more effective than vitamin E and C for skin conditions [¹].

Other studies found that transdermal CBD offered relief from pain and inflammation in arthritic rat models [²]. That’s pretty amazing!

And because most of the studies involving CBD have been so successful, scientists are pushing for further research [³].

But even with a substance as therapeutic as CBD, it’s also important to see what the potential side effects might be.

Which brings us to…

Topical CBD Cream Side Effects

CBD can affect each person differently, which is why it’s important to know the potential side effects.

Ingesting CBD can cause a few side effects, like []:

Fatigue and drowsiness


Decreased or increased appetite

Weight loss or weight gain

Drug interactions

Elevated liver enzymes

But these side effects are quite rare, and they fade pretty quickly after discontinuing CBD.

Topical CBD is much different. In fact, Dr. Robert Milanes M.D., founder of Holistic on Call, stated, “Using CBD topically reduces the likelihood of experiencing side effects typically associated with CBD use, such as drowsiness, fatigue and diarrhea [].”

This may explain why so many big chain stores like Walgreens, CVS, and even Whole Foods have opened their doors to CBD creams, gels, and other topicals, rather than ingestible CBD products.

But if you’re concerned about applying CBD to your skin, then we highly suggest you consult with your doctor.

CBD FAQ: Most common questions about CBD creams and gels

If you still have a few questions regarding CBD topicals and cream, then hopefully our list of questions and answers help you get some clarity.

Take a look at the most common questions about CBD creams and gels below…

What is CBD cream?

It’s a cream-based topical that contains the therapeutic properties of hemp derived CBD.

You can apply it to your skin to increase moisture or to target discomfort.

What is CBD gel?

CBD gel has the appearance of a jelly. It’s often transparent and has the consistency of a very thick liquid.

CBD gels contain more water and are more absorbent than CBD creams and lotions.

You’ll often find topical medications in the form of gels.

Does CBD muscle rub work?

Yes! CBD muscle rubs have been reported to be highly effective.

Most professional athletes use CBD topicals before and after games, tournaments, and workouts.

Can I rub CBD oil on my skin?

Absolutely. However, reputable CBD brands add other therapeutic ingredients to increase the properties of CBD oil in their topical gels and creams.

So, we highly encourage you to stick with topical CBD products. Or you can simply add a few drops of your high quality CBD oil to your favorite lotions, creams, or other topicals.

What is the best CBD cream?

You can find our list of the best CBD creams and gels above.

Does topical CBD interact with medications?

While ingestible CBD products like tinctures and edibles can interact with certain prescription drugs and medications, topical CBD products usually don’t.

But every person is different. So, we advise you to consult with your doctor if you’re concerned about topical CBD interacting with your current medications.

How does topical CBD work?

Believe it or not, there are cannabinoid receptors hidden within your skin. And when you apply CBD topically, those receptor cells receive CBD, which helps activate your Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

By activating your ECS, balance can be restored throughout the body, which can help address a whole host of unwanted issues [].

How to use CBD cream for pain?

Simply clean and dry the area where you feel discomfort, then gently massage a generous amount of CBD cream or gel to your skin.

Reputable CBD brands will often include instructions on the CBD topical label. We recommend you follow those instructions, as some CBD brands will include other therapeutic ingredients that might need special attention.

Does CBD cream work for pain?

It can! CBD pain creams and other topicals not only contain the medicinal properties of CBD, but they also contain other therapeutic ingredients that target receptor cells that may influence our perception of pain.

More studies are needed to confirm this theory. But thankfully, renowned doctors and professional scientists are already amazed at some of the results of past studies thus far.

Where can I buy CBD cream for pain near me?

We highly recommend you steer clear from head shops and gas stations when looking for CBD pain creams.

Instead, cut out the middleman and go straight to the source. Purchase CBD cream for pain from reputable brands online, like the ones we’ve listed above.

What are the types of topical CBD products?

There are a lot of different CBD topicals on the market today. Here are a few that you might run into:

CBD gels

CBD creams

CBD roll-ons

CBD lotions

CBD salves

CBD muscle rubs

CBD ointments

What do people use CBD lotions for?

Most people use CBD topicals to address unwanted symptoms like back, joint, and nerve pain, inflammation, aches, and other discomforts.

We’ve also found that topical CBD products help relax the body, especially after a hard workout or just before bed.

Conclusion: A good skin care routine with CBD

Here’s the deal: The properties of CBD are very therapeutic. In fact, studies show that CBD is a powerful antioxidant, and thankfully more studies are currently underway to explore additional medicinal properties.

But the only way to really know if CBD creams and gels will work for you is to try them out for yourself.

So we encourage you to adopt a good skin care routine with CBD by only purchasing from reputable CBD brands, preferably from our list above. Or use our thorough guide to find the best CBD gels and creams to meet your needs.