Top 5 Trusted Delta-8 Companies and Brands to Avoid

Top 5 Trusted Delta-8 Companies and Brands to Avoid

Hemp-derived products are becoming the norm nowadays, especially in a world where people are seeking the therapeutic effects of the cannabis sativa plant. Today, you are one click away from Delta-8 products. All you have to do is go on Google, search for Delta-8 THC brands and choose your favorite.

But people who don’t trust the first thing they see that easily may have a hard time settling for a brand, and they are not to blame. Among all the wonderful and trustworthy companies that want to make their clients happy, there are also a few of them that care about nothing but money. They are shady and don’t use the best practices when they are manufacturing their products, not to mention that they don’t bother to solve any customer disputes.

Telling which brands are reputable or not is hard unless you order from them and go through the full experience yourself. But we’re not going to let you put yourself and your money at risk.

This post will go through the 5 most trusted brands that sell Delta-8 products and tell you which brands you should avoid. Let’s get started!

Top 5 Most Trusted Delta-8 Companies

The market is full of brands that offer Delta-8 products. In this section, you will find the best 5 companies that we have chosen based on their quality and customer satisfaction. We have looked into their THC products and ensured they check every box on the list in terms of quality.

Here are the top 5 companies you should consider buying Delta-8 THC products from:

1.   Delta Remedys

Delta Remedys is a delta 8 website that has been established by individuals who are not only aware of the benefits of Delta-8 THC but also want to share them with others. The company has been founded by family members who have a lot of knowledge when it comes to Delta-8 and also know how to extract the compound safely and manufacture their products properly.

The team at Delta Remedys is known to have great customer service while offering very fast shipping and a variety of Delta-8 products. You can find different Delta-8 THC gummies and tinctures that will improve your life. Another noteworthy aspect is that they use some of the best hemp plants to make their products.

Delta Remedys’ products are made in the U.S., and they offer third-party lab testing results for everything they have available for purchase. Moreover, they only use 100% natural ingredients.


Very fast shipping

Different variations of Delta-8 tinctures and gummies

30-day money-back guarantee

Products made from legal compliant hemp

Third-party lab tests with results available on the site


The products are on the pricier side


2.   Delta Extrax

Delta Extrax is a great brand, and what makes them so popular is the fact that they don’t use additives in the products they sell, and if there are any, they are in very small amounts.

This brand sells different types of Delta-8 THC products. Some of people’s favorites include their Delta-8 THC gummies, which come in different flavors and strengths. However, you can also find Delta-8 THC tinctures for different purposes.

When you are buying from Delta Extrax, you can pay safely using different methods such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover Network. Also, what makes them trustworthy is the fact that they provide results from third-party lab tests on the platform. The company has a high number of positive reviews, showing that customers were overall pleased with their experience.


Predominantly positive reviews

Third-party lab test results are available

Little to no additives in the products

Variety of Delta-8 THC products


While refunds can be obtained, they are not available in all situations


3.   Planet Delta

While Planet Delta does not have such a wide range of Delta-8 THC products, they work harder on the available ones, making sure they offer the best quality ever. Planet Delta’s gummies are vegan and non-GMO, and they are made using 100% U.S. hemp. The brand works with its manufacturers and farmers to make sure they create products that are rich in benefits and very flavorful.

What should be noted is that Planet Delta’s payment system is secured. You can use both credit and debit cards at checkout, and you will quickly get an order confirmation in your email following your payment.

Not only do people love Planet Delta for its amazing products, but also because the shipping is free – at least within the U.S. It only takes one or two days for your order to be processed and shipped.


Safe payment system

Quick and free shipping

High-quality products made with U.S.-grown hemp

Vegan and non-GMO

Different flavors to choose from


Less product variety


4.   Tillmans Tranquils

Tillmans Tranquils is a brand that cannot be missing from this list. This company has a fair number of positive reviews, with customers praising the products and the services they got.

There is no shortage of Delta-8 products on the company’s website. You can find all sorts of items, including Delta-8 gummies and mints. Something that many people love about this brand is how careful they are throughout the manufacturing process.

Everything is vegan and gluten-free. Also, the facility is an FDA-registered one, and the hemp used in the products is 100% U.S.-grown.

On top of that, they offer third-party lab reports for all Delta-8 articles, further proving that their products are safe and carefully made.


Numerous third-party lab testing results are available

Different Delta-8 products to choose from

Gluten-free and vegan

S.A hemp


Their products can be a bit expensive


5.   Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD, brought to you by Delta-8 lovers and experts, has everything you need for convenient and safe consumption of Delta-8 THC products. They have a wide variety of such items, with all of them bringing delicious flavors and the benefits of the hemp-derived compound.

Their products have helped many people relieve their pain and anxiety, but also allowed them to enjoy yummy treats now and then. Furthermore, everything comes with a third-party lab test result, so you can have peace of mind that what you are consuming is free of any toxic substances.

Not only do they offer edibles, but they also sell various oils with Delta-8 in them. At times, the brand has discounts for Delta-8 products – therefore, you can get your favorite item for a smaller price than usual.


Third-party lab tests are available

A large variety of Delta-8 products

Delicious flavors

Hemp of the highest quality

User-friendly policies


Some of their products can be quite costly

Delta-8 Companies to Stay Away from – How Can You Tell the Red Flags?

While navigating the Internet, you may be unable to tell which Delta-8 brand is reliable and successful. All companies like to present themselves as the best and safest, marketing their products as magical remedies for different medical issues.

While some brands are not exaggerating their claims, others are simply copying what the large companies advertise, but without making an effort to make their products safe and good.

So, how can you tell when a brand is sketchy? Here are some aspects you should pay attention to.

·      Third-Party Lab Tests

No matter what anyone tells you, a company should always be willing to offer third-party lab texting results when they are selling Delta-8 products. Third-party lab tests are performed when a company manufacturing different products sends their items to a different, independent lab, making sure the items are tested by unbiased individuals.

The goal of these tests is to ensure the products meet the company’s standards and that people who purchase the items will get what the label claims. Not only is this a good way to prevent low-quality and potentially dangerous products from entering the market, but it can also increase reliability. [1]

If a brand doesn’t offer results from third-party lab testing, then this is quite concerning. A safe and trustworthy company has nothing to hide. So, a lack of third-party lab reports is a red flag. If this is the case, you should stay away from the brand.

·      High-Quality Ingredients Only

A good Delta-8 THC brand will only use high-quality, natural ingredients in its products. Ideally, the items they produce should have no additives, such as artificial flavors and colors. If you care about this aspect, make sure the company you order from makes it clear whether their products are made from high-quality ingredients or also contain shady ones.

·      Manufacturing Process

Another thing you should consider when looking for Delta-8 THC brands is whether the manufacturing process is safe or not.

Delta-8 can be extracted in different ways, but there are varieties in terms of the legality and safety of these processes.

One of the most popular ways to extract Delta-8 is by transforming CBD into the Delta-8 compound. This method involves CBD being dissolved in a particular type of acid, which turns CBD into Delta-9 THC first and finally converts it to Delta-8 THC. [2] It is federally legal to obtain Delta-8 this way, but the process involves using some chemicals.

Another method involves taking Delta-8 from marijuana directly. Although it is safer this way, this method is mostly illegal.

Look into how a brand extracts its Delta-8 before ordering from them. If they pull it from marijuana, then it is a bad sign, as you would be breaking the law.

·      Relationship with Customers

How brands interact with their customers also says a lot about their reliability. Most large and trustworthy Delta-8 companies do their best to communicate with clients and solve potential issues as soon as possible.

Do some research into how brands engage with customers and see if you like their approach.

·      Customer Reviews

Who’s more qualified to tell you about a brand and its quality level than people who have already ordered their products in the past? When it comes to the trustworthiness level of a company, the number of positive and negative reviews will tell you more than you can imagine.

A lot of individuals are more likely to leave a review when they have complaints rather than when they are pleased with their experience. So, when you stumble upon a brand and want to order Delta-8 THC products from them, it’s best to check its reviews first. If the feedback is mostly negative, then you should stay away from that company.

Tips to Consider Before Choosing a Delta-8 Brand

Even if you have looked into all the details and have an idea about how reliable a Delta-8 brand is, you may have your suspicions and may not trust the company fully. So, what do you do when you want to get started but you are still worried? Here are a few tips:

  1. Start with CBD products first. CBD brings various benefits without the high you might experience when using anything with Delta-8 THC in it. This can be a great way to start small before moving to Delta-8.
  2. Choose edibles. They are easy to use and less risky compared to some other types of Delta-8 products.
  3. If you are interested in Delta-8 oil, make sure you try a trusted source.
  4. Pay attention to the strength. Some brands offer Delta-8 THC products with varying strengths, while some are more limited in this area. If you are new to Delta-8, it’s best to go for a brand that offers lower Delta-8 THC per serving for its products.

FAQs Regarding Delta-8 THC

Let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions about Delta-8 THC and some accurate answers for them.

·      What is a good way to consume Delta-8 THC?

The best method to consume Delta-8 THC varies from one person to another. Some individuals prefer oils, while others are fans of gummies. This is why it’s important to choose a brand that offers a larger variety of Delta-8 THC products so you can eventually find a suitable one.

If you are a beginner, you may want to get started with gummies, as they are easier to use. You just have to find them in lower strengths.

·      What are the safest Delta-8 THC brands?

The safest Delta-8 brands include Delta Extrax, Delta Remedys, Tillmans Tranquils, Diamond CBD, and Planet Delta. However, there are many reputable brands. Make sure to do your research and look into their Delta-8 extraction methods, ingredient quality, and customer reviews.

·      Will Delta-8 get you high?

If you are not used to the substance and take it in higher amounts, Delta-8 THC can get you high. For this reason, you should start with low amounts. Over time, you can increase your dose until they find the right one.


There are many Delta-8 companies with high-quality and safe products – you just need to know what to look out for. Brands like Delta Remedys, Delta Extrax, and Planet Delta are reputable and trustworthy because they use carefully researched ingredients in their products and put their customers’ satisfaction first.

Always go for the top businesses and never trust companies that use illegal extraction methods and toxic ingredients, or don’t have third-party lab testing.