Delta-9 – Safe to Use or Not?

Delta-9 – Safe to Use or Not?

People who love trying new products might be very eager to use Delta-9 – especially if they already like hemp products. Delta-9 has certainly become more popular recently. Many hemp product shops advertise different gummies, capsules, oils, and many similar items that contain Delta-9. However, despite the availability, trying Delta-9 products can be quite scary, particularly if you don’t know if they’re safe or not.

There will always be safety concerns before trying a new substance. When it comes to Delta-9, you may be told one thing in one place and a different thing in another. It’s not a secret that it’s more potent compared to other cannabinoids, so you cannot help but wonder if it comes with worse side effects.

If you’re wondering if Delta 9 THC Tinctures are safe and if it could be good for you, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will discuss the safety of Delta-9, as well as how to use it properly if you’re interested in its benefits.

Delta-9 – Is It Safe?

Let’s get right into it – is Delta-9 safe? This is a question you might have on your mind before you click on that “Buy” button on the online hemp shop.

Delta-9 THC is a cannabinoid loved by many due to the euphoric high it can cause. To some, it’s a powerful ally that helps them relax and even increases their appetite [1]. Others use it as a way to increase their libido [2] or to reduce nausea [3].

Well, here is the truth: Delta-9 can be safe, but it depends on various factors. The compound can be safe as long as it’s used by adults and as long as it’s used in the right conditions.

For instance, your overall resistance to cannabinoids will come into play. Someone very experienced will not deal with the same effects as someone who is a novice. Similarly, the dosage influences how dangerous the substance is for you. Obviously, higher dosages will always be riskier – especially for inexperienced users.

Another thing that influences how safe Delta-9 THC can be for you is whether the purity of the substance has been tampered with. Sometimes, impurities contaminate Delta-9 THC products, depending on the vendor.

Vendors who create synthetic Delta-9 THC may sometimes have products with contaminants in them. But even manufacturers who extract Delta-9 from hemp could end up introducing impurities into their products. These impurities represent a red flag as they might have negative effects on one’s health.

For this reason, all vendors should have their samples tested by third-party laboratories, whether the Delta-9 is synthetic or not. Testing will reveal toxins and allow the manufacturer to improve their product before it makes it to the shop.

However, if a vendor has a Delta-9 THC product for sale and it has no available third-party lab testing results, it’s a sign that the item could be unsafe, so you should stay away from it.

If you are using any medications when you start taking a Delta-9 dose, this could also cause interactions that result in unpleasant effects.

Also, Delta-9 might not be safe if you just gave birth and are breastfeeding or if you are currently pregnant. Some clinical studies have shown that using Delta-9 THC can affect your pregnancy, potentially leading to placental insufficiency, which can have negative effects on the fetus. [4]

The possibility of side effects cannot be ruled out, no matter how many promises of safety a company can make or how much you think you can handle high Delta-9 dosages.

And even if Delta-9 doesn’t result in negative effects, it can still be dangerous in other ways. It’s a psychoactive substance – therefore, it will affect the way you think and react. That being said, operating heavy machinery or driving after consuming Delta-9 can put your life in danger.

Is Delta-9 as Safe as Delta-8?

It’s hard to say whether Delta-9 is as safe as Delta-8 or not, mainly because it all depends on each manufacturer and their practices. Having lab-tested products matters in this regard.

One thing’s for sure, though: Delta-9 is more potent than Delta-8. It is more likely to make someone get high, and there is always increased overconsumption risk with it. So, from this point of view, we might assume that Delta-9 can be riskier as it can lead to more side effects and alter someone’s thinking.

Besides, there was a survey that made people refer to Delta-8 as the “nicer younger sibling” of Delta-9. After surveying more than 500 people who tried Delta-8 THC, it’s been discovered that it can offer some of the same advantages, yet without the same number of negative reactions. [5]

Thus, we could say that when compared to Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 can be more dangerous, especially in higher amounts.

Do The Effects of Taking Delta-9 Last for a Long Time?

The amount of time you will deal with the effects of Delta-9 THC depends on different factors. Each person will have a unique experience with Delta-9 and the length of the effects.

Here are some of the aspects that influence how long the effects of Delta-9 last:

The dosage consumed

Your experience with Delta-9 THC

How much food you’ve had

How you used Delta-9

Your age and genetics

For instance, starting with a high dose right off the bat will not only cause more intense effects but also make you experience the results for longer. When your body is used to small amounts or no THC at all, it will instantly have a stronger reaction when too much Delta-9 is consumed, and it will also take longer for the effects to go away. In return, this might be riskier for you.

Moreover, the method of consumption will also impact the amount of time it takes for the Delta-9 effects to subside. If you drop some Delta-9 THC under your tongue, this means the substance can reach your bloodstream faster, so the effects might also go away sooner.

But if you decide to go for edibles such as gummies or capsules, it will take longer for the effects to appear, and fade. Capsules and edibles have to pass through your digestive system first, so it’ll take some time for the THC to enter your bloodstream.

Can I take Delta 9 and Delta 8 at the same time?

Some individuals are tempted to try both Delta-8 and Delta-9 at the same time, especially after reading about the benefits of the substances. And this might be a fun and interesting experience.

People already tend to combine THC with other cannabinoids, such as CBD. Brands that sell edibles, oils, and other hemp-based products offer the two combined already, allowing users to get the best of both worlds.

So, one can only wonder whether it can be safe to mix two types of THC, especially considering Delta-8 and Delta-9 operate differently.

At the moment, we don’t know for sure if combining Delta-9 and Delta-8 can result in adverse effects. The research is limited, so unless experts come out with proof that the two cannabinoids can put your life in danger if used together, there shouldn’t be any issue in mixing them. Numerous THC enthusiasts have tried the two at the same time without noticing any significant difference in terms of effects.

Delta-9 is the more potent cannabinoid of the two, so it might overshadow Delta-8 when combined.

But before mixing the two, look up the laws in your state and make sure that the substances are legal before attempting to purchase them.

Delta-9 Legality

Whether Delta-9 is legal in your state or not will also influence how safe the cannabinoid is to use.

The legality of Delta-9 is a commonly discussed matter – especially among people who have never tried this substance but want to give it a shot. Online shops all over the country sell Delta-9 products but are they allowed to?

Well, yes and no – it all depends on the source of Delta-9, as well as the amount.

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp products such as those containing CBD as long as they do not have more than 0.3% of THC content. [6]

But there is also another aspect that influences whether Delta-9 THC is legal on a federal level or not. So that a product doesn’t break the law, it must have Delta-9 THC derived from hemp, and not from marijuana. Delta-9 THC extracted from marijuana is illegal.

This is why you should always check the Delta-9 products before purchasing to make sure they are made from hemp and that they have no more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

Things might change in the future. While Delta-9 THC is legal in a lot of places now, the future is uncertain. So, in order to keep yourself safe, it’s important to always check the legality of Delta-9 THC in your state.

What Are The Side Effects of Delta-9?

Delta-9 can result in some side effects, especially in individuals who are quite sensitive to the intoxicating effects it can cause. Sometimes, the amount consumed and the experience someone has with the compound will result in certain side effects.

Here are some adverse reactions one might experience after using Delta-9 THC:

·      Anxiety

While some cannabinoids are known for relieving people’s anxiety, Delta-9 THC might have the opposite effect. Some studies have revealed how Delta-9 could result in increased anxiety.

14 men participated in a study that involved fMRI. They were given delta-9 THC or a placebo dose. Afterward, they had to participate in a task that would cause fear. The Delta-9 THC dose caused anxiety while activating the right amygdala as the fear was being processed. [7]

Delta-9 might especially increase anxiety when used in high doses.

·      Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a very common effect experienced by those who take any Delta-9 THC. During this condition, an individual’s mouth will not get enough saliva to keep it wet. In the long term, dry mouth can have a bad effect on your teeth, resulting in tooth decay, plaque, and even gum disease. [8]

·      Low Blood Pressure

Prolonged use of Delta-9 THC might result in low blood pressure. [9] When the blood pressure drops suddenly, it can lead to dizziness or might even make someone faint.

·      High Effect

Since Delta-9 is very potent, especially when compared to other types of THC such as Delta-8, it can make someone experience a very intense high. While some individuals are looking for this effect, others can be at risk of putting themselves in danger while experiencing the high – especially if they use Delta-9 before driving. The substance can impair one’s motor skills, particularly in the incorrect dosage.

Conclusion – Is Delta-9 Safe?

When used correctly and legally, Delta-9 can be safe. However, there are always risks associated with it.

Some Delta-9 products may contain toxins, especially those that are not properly tested by third-party labs. Not only that, but Delta-9 itself is a very potent cannabinoid, and when used in high doses, it can result in a very intense high, as well as adverse effects like anxiety, paranoia, confusion, sedation, and others.

Delta-9 use can lower blood pressure in the long term and can cause dry mouth – conditions that can lead to other health issues later on.

The key takeaway here is that if you want to use Delta-9 THC, it should be done with extreme caution. You must always be up to date with its legality and look for testing results before purchasing. Lastly, you should adjust to the right dose. Ideally, you should talk to a doctor before using Delta-9, especially if you are taking other medications at the same time.