16 Things You Didn’t Know About CBD

May 29, 2023waseemj2

Nowadays, CBD information is easy to find, and getting CBD products is even easier. Wherever you look, you will be able to find a place that sells them, whether it’s an online store, head shop, pharmacy, or dispensary. Also, you can choose from numerous CBD items, including gummies, sticks, capsules, creams, oil, pet products, and more.

You don’t have to consume CBD to know the basics about it. After all, CBD is all the rage today, and you might have friends who use it and tell you everything about this great compound. But there are also many things that even CBD consumers do not know.

This is why in this post; we will present several details that you probably didn’t know about CBD.

How to Store Your CBD Products

May 20, 2023waseemj2

Many have switched to CBD oil and other similar products, fully embracing the benefits that this apparently magical compound has to bring. To some, CBD is simply a way to improve their mood and help them relax. To others, it is a necessary pain relief that they can’t go without.

If you’re planning to use CBD, then you should know that it has several active compounds that require proper care. That means that if you intend to use the product and want to stay safe or experience the same potency, you should know how to store the products.

Keep on reading this post to find out everything regarding CBD storage so you can take full advantage of its benefits.

CBD for Pets – Benefits and Risks

April 26, 2023admin@admin

The CBD market is already huge as it is. People in the U.S. and not only have discovered the perks of the cannabinoid and have established a routine that involves CBD in various forms. But the hemp-derived compound is not only used by humans. Actually, more and more individuals are starting to consider CBD for their furry friends.

If you browse the CBD product section on any hemp-based online shop, you might stumble upon a special pet product category. Now, this might confuse you. After all, why would pets need CBD?

CBD can have numerous benefits for pets, but it can also have a negative impact if you are not careful, or you administer high amounts. Is CBD safe for pets and if it is, how can it help your four-legged friends?

Let’s dive into the world of CBD products for pets and find out what their benefits and risks are.

CBD Guide for Rookies

April 18, 2023waseemj2

Getting into CBD can be challenging, especially when you’re not familiar with it. The compound comes in different variants, like broad spectrum, full spectrum, and isolate. Besides that, it’s added to all sorts of products, making it hard to decide which one is the best for you.

CBD is becoming more and more popular, especially as various states started making it legal. Still, some individuals are not sure what it is, why others use it, how it can benefit them, and other aspects. They may even be more likely to trust the stigma surrounding CBD that some non-consumers are spreading, with these rumors preventing them from getting into CBD altogether.

Clarifying what CBD is and how it can help you is a challenge we accepted. This guide is full of important information that will help any beginner expand their knowledge about CBD and find a CBD product that suits them. Let’s get started!

Is CBD safe for cats? Everything you need to know

February 13, 2023admin@admin

As cat owners, there’s nothing more worrisome than watching our fluffy feline friends suffer from aches, pains, and unwanted health problems.

And while our veterinarians are usually the ones we turn to first for health advice, we’re often given a bag of prescription medications that cause an array of unwanted side effects. So what gives?

You trust your veterinarian but you wish there was a more natural, less invasive approach to certain unwanted ailments.

Well, as luck would have it, scientists, medical professionals, and even veterinarians are starting to explore some of the thought-provoking properties of Cannabidiol (CBD).  And it seems our feline friends may actually benefit from these therapeutic properties as well.

But we get it… You may be a little skeptical about giving CBD to your cat, especially if you’re new to pet CBD.

So let’s take a look at what cat parents need to know about CBD for their beloved feline friends.

CBD and Autoimmune Disease: Can CBD Oil Help with Autoimmune Diseases?

January 28, 2023admin@admin

If you, or someone you know, suffers from an autoimmune disease, disorder, or condition (they all mean the same thing), then this article is definitely for you and them.

Now, we’ve all seen the Autoimmune Disease memes, like:

“Autoimmune Disease… Because the only thing tough enough to kick my ass is me!”


“I don’t look sick? You don’t look stupid! Looks can be deceiving… Autoimmune Disease Awareness.”

Funny, right? We think so too. But while those memes are passive-aggressively humorous, they are 100% true.

And believe it or not, autoimmune disorders are targeting more people than you might think.

To put it into perspective, research suggests that 8% of Americans have an autoimmune disease. That’s over 24 million Americans, and that number is rising.

Autoimmune disease is a very serious yet mysterious condition. In fact, scientists and renowned doctors still have many unanswered questions regarding autoimmunity. And while there are some relatively effective treatment options, there is no known cure for autoimmune disease.

But that doesn’t mean autoimmune disorders can’t be controlled. And no, we’re not talking about pharmaceutical drugs, although they do have their place.

We’re talking about hemp-derived CBD. And as luck would have it, there are a few studies that showcase CBD’s therapeutic response to autoimmunity. This may explain why people with autoimmune diseases are turning to CBD.

But before we dive into those studies, let’s briefly brush up on…

Best CBD Gift Ideas: A Holiday Gift Guide to Promote Health and Wellness

January 28, 2023admin@admin

It’s coming on Christmas, stores are setting up holiday lights and decorating their windows with festive displays.

That’s right folks, we’ve officially entered into the holiday season. So, cue the holiday Christmas music…

“Christmas time is here, happiness and cheer… “

Now, we all know that when the holiday season hits, there are at least two things on most people’s minds: Delicious holiday meals and gift shopping.

But in the last several years, it seems that both stress and anxiety have been added to that list.

We don’t have to tell you that finding the perfect gift for the special people in your life can be downright exhausting, and quite frankly, overwhelmingly stressful. You already know that, hence the reason you’re here in the first place.

Sure, you have those people in your life who are incredibly easy to shop for. Everything you see on the department store shelves just screams their names. But for the other people in your life, finding the perfect gift is like finding a needle in a haystack. Especially for those who refuse to give even the slightest clue to what they might want or need.

For those people, we recommend CBD.

We know that might sound strange, but hear us out. CBD is one of those gifts that keeps on giving.

So, before you stress yourself out by hitting up every single shopping center and department store, we implore you to explore…

9 Best CBD Oils for Pets and CBD Pet Treats Reviewed

January 28, 2023admin@admin

How much do you love your pet?

We know, it’s an odd question. If you’re a pet owner, you’re likely throwing your arms open as wide as you can and screaming in a childlike voice, “This much!”

At which point, your dog or cat is tilting his or her head from side to side, wondering what the heck you’re doing. Just reach down and give them a big hug and kiss!

Now then, we ask this question because like the emotion of love, which comes in all shapes and sizes, so does your pet. And their needs vary greatly from both humans and from each other.

No two dogs or cats are the same. Which means, what works for one furry friend, may not work for the other fluffy pal.

Thankfully, through much research and scientific studies, we have a better understanding of what foods, medications, supplements, and herbs work best for all of our pet friends. We’re talking dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, pet rats, and more.

One of those supplements and herbs just so happens to be CBD.

You see, CBD holds tremendous therapeutic value for pets. In fact, there are several studies that have explored dog anxiety, cat anxiety, pain in dogs and cats, arthritis in horses, and so much more. It’s actually pretty mind blowing [¹,²,³].

But if you’re new to CBD for pets, there are a few things you should know…