How to Introduce CBD in Your Routine

How to Introduce CBD in Your Routine

At this point, you must be familiar with CBD. This magical compound, which often finds its way in products like gummies, oils, drinks, and many others, has become an integral part of many people’s lives. They take it on a daily basis or when they feel like they need the calming effects it can provide.

According to a Gallup poll, 64% of the adults in the U.S. have declared that they know about CBD and the products that contain this cannabidiol. Moreover, one-third of Americans have tried CBD products already, according to a SingleCare survey from 2020. [1]

But what do you do if you want to start using CBD as well? Where do you get started? It can be a bit confusing to enter this world. There are many products to choose from, and you may not even know how to maintain a CBD routine.

Whether you’ve just started taking CBD or you’ve used it for a while, you may be looking for ways to add it to your routine properly. Keep reading and you’ll find some tips on how to take CBD daily/weekly.

Why You Should Consider Adding CBD to Your Routine

Here’s the real question: why should you consider adding CBD to your daily life? What makes it so special?

In reality, you may not know why jumping on the CBD bandwagon is worth it. But if you’ve seen your friends using products that contain CBD, chances are that you want to enjoy the same benefits.

How can CBD help you? These are some of the benefits you can enjoy by taking CBD frequently:

·      Stress and Anxiety Relief

Anxiety and stress are part of many people’s lives. This could be due to a difficult situation at work, money issues, family problems, and other things. The truth is that statistics show that Americans are one of the most stressed-out populations on the planet. Data taken from 2019 information from Gallup shows that 55% of Americans experience stress throughout the day. [2]

Lowering your stress volume is easier said than done – at least if you don’t have CBD products in your life.

Many studies have found that CBD may have a significant effect on stress and anxiety, relieving them and putting you in a calm state of mind. This, in return, can improve your focus and ensure you offer your best performance at college, work, or other environments.

·      Improved Gut Health

CBD can also be an incredible help for your gut health. Now, it’s crucial to know that it doesn’t replace the digestion process’s critical probiotics, but it can help with the absorption of the probiotics. This way, it takes them less time to get to the gut’s inner lining.

Apart from that, CBD can help reduce inflammation in the GI system. Inflammation can often lead to diarrhea, which in return can make you fatigued and dehydrated. But with CBD, you can reduce this inflammation and prevent gut issues. [3]

·      Improved Heart and Brain Health

You might be surprised to discover that CBD could help with your brain and heart health.

CBD contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which can help enhance brain health. [4] They can also reduce inflammation while decreasing the risk of different chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and others.

Likewise, CBD has also given positive results in many studies regarding heart health. Apparently, the compound can help reduce different factors that might result in heart disease, such as high blood pressure.

In a study conducted in 2019, a few people agreed to be subjected to stress. After this, they took a CBD dose. Compared to the subjects that got a placebo, they experienced a decrease in blood pressure. [5]

Similarly, there was a study in 2009 that involved rats that were subjected to stress. After a CBD dose, both their heart rate and blood pressure went down. [6]

The risk of stroke can also be lowered with the use of CBD. In a 2017 review, it has been discovered that during a stroke, CBD was able to boost cerebral blood flow. [7]

Types of CBD Products You Can Use

CBD can be used in different ways, whether that involves ingesting it or using it externally. Here are a few types of products you can choose from if you want to start taking advantage of CBD’s benefits:

·      Edibles

Edibles come in various forms. Perhaps the most common one is CBD gummies. They can be purchased from different shops, and they’re easy to take anywhere – especially if you’re craving something sweet and delicious.

But there are other types of edibles, like brownies and cookies, as well as different drinks and foods.

Typically, it takes longer for the CBD in these products to show any effects. The digestive system will process the foods or drinks first, so it takes longer until it enters your bloodstream.

·      Oils and Tinctures

People everywhere love to buy CBD oils and tinctures because they are easy to incorporate into anyone’s schedule. You only need one drop of oil to start experiencing the amazing impact of this compound.

Oils can be used sublingually, or they may be added to drinks, salads, or other edibles. What’s great about this is that you control the amount of CBD you use at once. Many bottles come with droppers, with the label telling you how much CBD you get per serving.

·      Capsules

When you cannot be bothered to choose between all the different types or flavors of CBD gummies and oils, you can go for CBD capsules. They are taken orally, and it’s easy to ingest one in the morning or at any point of the day when you need some stress relief.

·      Topicals

CBD has been added to different topicals such as creams and lotions, aiding in pain relief, as well as helping with various skin conditions. The topicals infused with CBD can soothe the area and even help it heal faster.

However, keep in mind that only small amounts of CBD will be able to enter your bloodstream through topicals.

How to Incorporate CBD in Your Routine

So, with so many different types of products, how can you incorporate CBD into your routine? If you get a bit creative, it’ll be easy. But if you’re just getting started and want to use the best option for you, here are some ideas on what you can do:

1.   Use CBD Before or After Workout

CBD can be great before and after workouts.

Some individuals prefer taking it pre-workout so it enters their bloodstream by the time they are done with the workout and can enjoy the benefits. Others prefer using it after the workout.

CBD has different pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and neuroprotective properties that can help people recover after they’re exercising or training. Many athletes use it for this reason. Of course, we still need more studies to confirm the benefits of the compound in sports. [8]

Just do whatever works best for you. If you are experiencing any muscle or joint pain post-workout, you can use some CBD topicals with painkilling properties.

2.   Take CBD in the Morning

Taking CBD in the morning is perhaps the best way to integrate the compound into your daily routine.

If you want to experience the effects of CBD throughout the day, then you can use it after you wake up. The easiest way to do this is by taking a CBD capsule or adding some CBD tincture to your morning beverage. Simultaneously, you can also add the cannabidiol to your food, whether we’re talking about pancakes or your preferred breakfast bar.

Of course, you should first experiment with it and see how it makes you feel during the day. Some users have reported feeling way too relaxed when using CBD in the morning, and if you need energy, this may not be the best option for you.

3.   Add It to Your Coffee

Everyone loves coffee, right? If you cannot go without your daily cup of coffee, then this is the key to introducing CBD into your routine. You can add one or more drops of CBD into your coffee, and you’ll be soon experiencing all those great effects.

What’s so great about this is that you do not have to take it at home. You can take your oil with you and add it to the coffee you get at work, for instance.

4.   Use CBD at Night

Since CBD can be so good for relaxation and stress relief, taking it in the evening can do wonders for you. Your mind and body will relax, and you will have a better night’s sleep.

People who suffer from sleep problems are the ones who will love this method the most. Try it out and see how it affects you. If you are sleeping better, wake up full of energy, and in a better mood, this is the perfect method you should stick with.

5.   Have CBD Treats Regularly

Who doesn’t love a tasty treat now and then? We all love to eat chocolate, candies, and gummies, sometimes even before our meals.

Well, there are many products with CBD in them, and if you never skip your dessert, then going for CBD gummies may be the best way to add the compound into your routine. You’ll enjoy your yummy treat and get all that CBD has to offer.

6.   Put It on Your Skin

CBD doesn’t have to be used orally. You can get some of its benefits by using it on your skin – especially when you are suffering from various skin conditions or muscle pain.

If you need to use creams and lotions to soothe sore muscles or a skin condition, opt for a CBD topical instead of a normal one. You’ll get the benefits you are looking for plus the positive effects of CBD.

7.   Add It to Your Meditation Sessions

Meditation is a great way to relieve stress and be more focused on what you have to do. It involves focusing your attention while getting rid of all the crazy thoughts that are storming through your mind and causing you anxiety and stress. [9]

With meditation being so calming, why not pair it with something like CBD? When stress is taking over your life and you need a cure, CBD can be the solution if you mix it with meditation. Soon enough, you will be happier and more relaxed.

How to Maintain Consistency

Following a new routine may be difficult at first, and this may cause you to miss your intended daily dose at times. So, here are some tips to help you stay consistent:

·      Use Sticky Notes

Putting some sticky notes in areas you go to often can help you remember to take your CBD dose. You can even put one in every area of the house you go to when you’re getting ready to go out. This CBD reminder will be more useful than you can imagine.

·      Set Phone Reminders

Phone reminders are very handy. Just set a reminder and you will always know when it’s time to use your CBD products. This can either be every evening, every morning, before going to the gym, and so on.

·      Put Stickers on the Kettle

If you tend to make coffee or tea every morning, you can use this to your advantage. Take a sticker and put it on your kettle. Since you use it all the time, you’ll always be reminded to take your CBD dose. It’ll soon become a habit.


You can add CBD to your routine in multiple ways. You can either add it to your drinks or foods or take it in capsule form. Also, you can establish a routine of taking it in the morning or evening, depending on which time is more convenient for you. It can even be associated with your meditation routine if you need some stress relief.

To get used to your new routine, try setting reminders. This way, you’ll never miss your fun journey with CBD.