What Is Delta-8 and What Are Its Benefits?

What Is Delta-8 and What Are Its Benefits?

A new arrival has made cannabis lovers ask questions and wonder how this can revolutionize the way they use cannabis products. This is none other than Delta-8, a compound that is found on the labels of many products available in CBD shops.

People are starting to wonder whether this substance can give them any benefits and whether it’s safe. On top of that, there is also some controversy around it due to the confusion brought by the laws.

Whether you’re new to cannabis products altogether or you’ve been using CBD and want to try something that goes a bit further, perhaps you want to know more about Delta-8. Luckily for you, this post is packed with information such as the cannabinoid’s benefits, legality, and more.

Delta-8 THC – What Is It?

Delta-8 THC, short for Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol, is a compound found in the cannabis plant in very small amounts. It shares similarities with a different compound known as Delta-9 THC.

Although this cannabinoid can be found in cannabis or hemp, it will not be in very large quantities. This is why most products that are advertised to contain Delta-8 THC usually include synthetic Delta-8 from CBD.

Delta-8 is basically THC, one of the most known compounds of cannabis and a substance that can cause a “high” feeling. So, Delta-8 can be intoxicating. The cannabinoid is psychoactive, and its effects can be comparable to those of Delta-9 THC.

The FDA has declared that they have seen reports from people showing the intoxicating potential of the compound. Also, they are worried that consumers of Delta-8 may end up using higher amounts of the substance than the amounts that occur naturally in raw extracts of hemp cannabis. [1]

What Are the Benefits of the Cannabinoid?

Although there is still not enough research on Delta-8 THC, what we have so far points to the cannabinoid having some great benefits for our health. As long as it’s consumed in the right amounts, Delta-8 can be pretty useful.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that Delta-8 brings to the table:

1.   Increasing Your Appetite

Are you struggling to eat enough calories on a daily basis? Delta-8 can give you a hand.

The cannabinoid has been found to increase one’s appetite. While it is less potent than Delta-9, it may actually be a better appetite booster. Also, you do not need a high amount of Delta-8 to reach this effect. [2]

Once you use Delta-8, you may notice a boost in your appetite, and you will certainly pay your fridge a few more visits. This can be especially useful for individuals who are suffering from eating disorders but may also help those who simply have a low appetite and want to fix it.

2.   Relaxation

Are you experiencing stress on a daily basis? Stress affects our lives, and it can quickly escalate into something worse.

Being stressed all the time can lead to some physical discomfort, including chest pain, upset stomach, and headaches, and may even lead to problems like insomnia and heightened blood pressure. On top of that, it makes people more likely to abuse substances like drugs, alcohol, or tobacco as a relief. [3]

Well, you’ll be more than happy to know that Delta-8 is a great way to relax your body and mind and ensure your stress doesn’t lead to unwanted consequences. The National Cancer Institute has discovered that the compound can help you relax and decrease stress levels.

Furthermore, it can ease muscle tension without making you feel sleepy or tired. Thanks to this, you can continue your daily activities without stress getting in the way.

3.   Pain Relief

Delta-8 THC has been found to be effective against chronic pain as well. Chronic pain can often appear when one is dealing with certain conditions like multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and arthritis. Applying Delta-8 topically can not only relieve pain but also decrease inflammation.

Delta-8 can do this by regulating hormones and neurons that participate in the transmission of pain while possessing anti-inflammatory properties.

But that is not all. Delta-8 can also be useful in treating eye damage, as it can reduce the swelling and pain associated with it. [4]

4.   Improved Sleep

Do you struggle with insomnia? About 70 million Americans are dealing with sleep disorders, with insomnia affecting between 33% and 50% of adults. [5]

The good news is that Delta-8 can be a powerful ally against insomnia. Considering the cannabinoid is less potent than Delta-9 and it can have sedation and stress reduction effects, Delta-8 is great at helping you have a good night’s sleep. In return, this can significantly improve your daily life, making sure you stay focused, and complete all your tasks.

5.   Neuroprotective Properties

Delta-8 can support brain health, according to some research. The potential positive effects on the brain have made so many scientists look into the cannabinoid.

What we know so far is that Delta-8 can boost the acetylcholine and choline levels, [6] while helping regulate the calcium and potassium channels and release adenylyl cyclase. Not only will this aid in treating disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease but can also improve the health of the brain.

Moreover, new neurons can form when you use Delta-8 – therefore, enhancing the cognitive function.

6.   Safer Alternative

When it comes to cannabis products, every individual has his/her own preferences. This means that some may want to consume little amounts of cannabinoids, while others are interested in going a bit further and using items with Delta-8 or Delta-9 THC in it.

At the same time, many want to stay away from the “high” caused by Delta-9. This is where Delta-8 comes into play.

Delta-8 is much safer than Delta-9 if you don’t want to deal with an intense high, but still want to experience the psychoactive effects of the compound. Compared to Delta-9, Delta-8 lets you maintain your focus and stay relaxed, even when you are dealing with a high.

7.   Nausea Reduction

Delta-8 THC can also offer some digestive support and combat nausea and vomiting. It turns out that it can be as good as Delta-9 in this regard.

This benefit is supported by research that was conducted back in 1995. The clinical trial involved 8 children who were undergoing chemotherapy sessions and experienced nausea. All of them were given Delta-8 – after that, their cancer treatments did no longer cause them to vomit. [7]

What Makes It Different from Delta-9 THC?

In terms of structure, Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC are almost the same. They are both intoxicating to some degree, leading to the popular “high” sensation that so many cannabis enjoyers seek. The two compounds also bind to the same human nervous system cannabinoid receptors.

But they are different cannabinoids, and they have a few differences too. Delta-8 cannot be found in very high amounts in the cannabis plant, and it is often synthesized from CBD, which is extracted from the hemp plant. In comparison, Delta-9 THC is the main cannabinoid.

Also, Delta-8 THC is not as potent as Delta-9 THC – therefore, it cannot lead to the same intense high. For this reason, many consider it a better alternative when they want to experience the psychoactive aspect of the cannabinoid but don’t want it to be that bad.

Is the Cannabinoid Legal?

Whether Delta-8 THC is legal or not is a matter that confused many people. This is all because the 2018 Farm Bill made things a bit complicated.

This Farm Bill legalized hemp that has no more than 0.3% of Delta-9 THC.[8] But things were a bit confusing regarding Delta-8 – especially considering it is typically made synthetically from hemp-derived CBD.

Earlier in 2022, the Ninth Circuit ruled that products with Delta-8 THC are legal under the Farm Bill released in 2018 despite the psychoactive nature of the compound. [9]

Still, laws differ from one state to another, and some states restrict products that contain Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC. Because everything is so confusing, it’s best to look at the laws in your area before ordering any Delta-8 THC product.

Where Can You Get Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 products can be purchased online on many shops, particularly shops that sell CBD products. Over the last few years, the use of CBD and THC in different products has become more and more popular. Thus, it’s very easy to find shops that sell items containing Delta-8.

But before you spend money on such products, it’s important to do your research and make sure you are buying from a shop that is legit and trustworthy.

How Can You Use Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC can be used in many ways, especially considering the numerous products on the market now advertise their Delta-8 content. So, if you decide to try Delta-8 THC yourself, it’s essential to find the right type of product.

Some of the most popular ways to use Delta-8 THC include:

  • Topicals
  • Oils and tinctures
  • Edibles

The method you settle for can impact the effects Delta-8 THC has on your body and mind and will also come with varying amounts of the cannabinoid.

Ideally, if you are just getting started with Delta-8, you should start with smaller quantities, such as 5-10mg, and wait to see what effect it has on you.

Compared to Delta-9, Delta-8 can take longer to kick in. Therefore, you may have to wait 1-3 hours before noticing any effect. Don’t rush to take a larger quantity right away if you don’t notice any results instantly.

Are There Any Risks?

Delta-8 may have some benefits for our health and general well-being, but at the end of the day, it is not perfect. Just like other compounds, it can bring some side effects to the table, and if you are considering Delta-8 THC, you should know about the potential risks.

So far, the FDA has not approved Delta-8 products, meaning that they do not support the use of such items. It also shows that you don’t have the guarantee that there will be no side effects.

It is very difficult to get the right dosage of Delta-8, especially considering that the products that have this cannabinoid are far more concentrated compared to raw cannabis or hemp ones. On top of that, the products may not always be manufactured in the safest way. They may be made in unsanitary places, and the process may involve dangerous chemicals.

As Delta-8 shares some similarities with Delta-9, some of the negative effects it causes are pretty similar as well. Here are a few side effects that people may experience when consuming products with Delta-8 THC:

Coordination issues

Dry mouth

Red eyes

Loss of memory

Slower reaction times

Muscle weakness

Tiredness or fatigue


Delta-8 THC can be useful in treating various problems, such as nausea and vomiting, stress, insomnia, and several others. As long as you use safe amounts of Delta-8, you will be able to experience the better effects of the compound. Delta-8 can be found in products like gummies, tinctures, and topicals, and the amount consumed can influence its effects.

Before you use Delta-8 THC for any health issue, it is best to consult your doctor to make sure it is safe. You must also ensure that it will not interfere with your medication. Also, check the laws in your state to ensure that Delta-8 is legal in your area.