How to Use Your CBD Oil for Relaxing Massages

How to Use Your CBD Oil for Relaxing Massages

There’s nothing like a good massage after a long and stressful day at work. Massages have been along for a very long time. The first archaeological proof of massage was discovered in the Tomb of Akmanthor, with scenes from around 2330 BC showing two men who were getting a massage on their hands and feet. [1] Nowadays, it’s a common practice that people take advantage of to relax tense muscles and get into a better mood.

But massages involve more than massaging a body with bare hands. Sometimes, people like to spice things up by adding CBD oil to this routine. Now, most individuals who are just learning about CBD oil know that it can be used orally, but not everyone is aware of its benefits in the art of massage.

Introducing CBD oil to your massaging routine can have a positive impact on your health. If you are looking to relax and stretch your muscles, then CBD massage oil will do the trick.

How do you use it for relaxing massages, though? Let’s find out.

What Makes Regular Massages and CBD Massages Different?

A massage is still a massage – that’s what you may tell yourself when you’re trying to decide between getting a normal massage or a CBD one. This may especially be true if you have not learned about the delights of CBD oil massages.

While both practices involve applying light, moderate or intense pressure on certain areas of the body, CBD massages actually use one extra ingredient: CBD oil. CBD oils are products that have been infused with CBD, a cannabinoid extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant.

Instead of regular massage oils, you can use CBD oil. It features specific therapeutic benefits that are hard to find in normal massage oil. With CBD massage oils, the experience will change for the better.

CBD massages can have benefits both for the individual receiving the massage and the one giving it. The person experiencing the relaxing massaging routine can enjoy reduced inflammation, tension, and pain. They may also benefit from better sleep and less stress. As for the one giving the massage, the oil can relieve muscle pain and tension.

Absorption of CBD Oil Through Your Skin

Our bodies feature the endocannabinoid system. The ECS is responsible for moderating pain, hunger, sleep, mood, temperature, and other important functions. When you use cannabinoids, they bind to certain receptors and result in multiple effects. Our bodies produce endocannabinoids too, and they are similar in structure to the cannabis plant molecules. [2]

When you are using CBD oil topically, your body absorbs the components through the skin very slowly. Now, the benefits coming from this will not show up as fast as they do when you use a dropper to add CBD oil under your tongue. However, once the effects kick in, they last longer.

CBD oil is used for many conditions, and people claim that the main cannabinoid in the oil has health benefits. One of the most praised benefits is the anti-inflammatory property of CBD, which is very useful when getting a massage for sore muscles.

Types of CBD Oil Massage

Before you venture into this world, you must be aware of the different types of massages you can get. Each massage will feel different and have specific effects. So, before you get that soothing CBD oil on your body, it’s important to know which massage you should get.

CBD deep tissue massage: This massage uses firm to deep pressure to relieve muscle pain and tension.

CBD full-body massage: When you need to de-tense your whole body instead of just a small area, you can go for a CBD full-body massage.

CBD trigger point massage: Trigger point massages are more intense as they focus on applying pressure on certain parts of the body. They can often be very painful too.

CBD Swedish massage: If you want something that only uses light to moderate pressure, you can opt for a CBD Swedish massage instead.

How to Use CBD Oil for Massages?

Are you ready to join the CBD oil hype when you’re getting your much-needed massage? Here is how you should use the product for the muscle-relaxing routine:

1.   Test the Product First

First things first, you should test your CBD oil before spreading it all over your body, especially if you’ve never used that particular product before. Now, the chances of experiencing an allergic reaction to cannabidiol or hemp are slim. At the same time, the oil may contain multiple other ingredients that can cause allergies.

Add a drop of oil to a small patch of skin and wait to see if there are any side effects, such as itching and redness. Do not proceed with the CBD oil massage if you notice any of these reactions. If there is no negative effect, you can safely use the oil moving forward.

2.   Set Up a Relaxing Atmosphere

A CBD oil massage would not help you relax if everything around you is chaotic. So, before the routine begins, you should do your best to make the atmosphere as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

There are a few ways to do this. You can change the temperature in the room to a more comfortable one, fill the room with a heavenly smell with fragrance lamps and scented candles, play quiet relaxing music, and so on. It’ll put you in the perfect mood for a CBD oil massage.

3.   Warm Up the Soothing Oil

Next, you must make sure your hands are warm and that you warm up the CBD oil as well. To do this, you can simply rub the oil into your hands until it gets pleasantly warmer. Afterward, you simply do a few strokes from the top of the spine to its bottom using flat hands. You can go to the side after massaging in this motion for a little bit.

4.   Start Massaging

It’s time to perform the actual relaxing massage. Do your best to feel all hardened muscles and tension.

When you’re going over tense areas, try to apply more pressure. Using the CBD oil on your fingers, go deeper into the tissue. Not only will your movements help relieve the hardness, but the oil will also act to relieve any potential pain.

If you want, you can also start moving your fingers in a circular motion toward each other.

5.   Consider Trigger Points

Trigger points refer to “knots” or painful and sore areas found in the muscles. They can result in pain in a particular part of the body when you apply pressure on them. [3] For example, shoulder and neck area trigger points can lead to a headache. As you are massaging using CBD oil, you may want to take care of these areas too.

You should deal with trigger points by applying lots of constant pressure on them. It will be painful at first, but the pain should begin to decrease after some time. You can release the pressure slowly as this happens.

While pressure does its job with trigger points, the use of CBD massage oil will soothe these areas even more.

What Are the Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Massages?

As you may already know, there is a reason why people began using CBD oil for relaxing massages. The item can provide amazing results, especially if you choose the right product and have a good massaging technique to apply it all over your body.

Here are some advantages of using CBD oil for relaxing massages:

·      It Can Treat Skin Conditions

While the massage works to relieve your muscle pain and tension, the CBD oil spread all over your skin can help ease some skin issues and conditions. A 2014 study revealed that cannabis sativa can be very beneficial in treating skin diseases, such as varicose eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne rosacea, and many others. [4]

CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties,[5] which is another reason why it is so helpful when fighting some skin conditions. It can soothe skin and relieve pain.

·      It Can Relieve Chronic Pain

Do you suffer from chronic pain? If that’s the case, adding CBD oil to your massaging routine might be the best decision ever.

CBD oil is rich in components that bring down inflammation from painful and sore joints and muscles while calming the skin. This is why if you suffer from arthritis, chronic back pain, or anything similar, using CBD massage oil can be extremely helpful. [6]

·      You Can Use It to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

By adding CBD oil to your relaxing massages, you can also reduce stress and anxiety. According to some studies, CBD is very effective in alleviating symptoms caused by anxiety and stress. [7]

CBD can make you feel calmer without causing intoxicating effects. If you mix CBD oil with a relaxing massage, you will reach a state of happiness and wash away any negative thoughts. Combining the soothing effects of CBD oil with a relaxing massage is the perfect recipe for keeping you calm.

As a result, it can even lead to improved sleep. In fact, in some studies, CBD has been found to aid with sleep as well. [8]

Can You Feel High After a CBD Oil Massage?

If you are a first-time CBD massage oil user, chances are that you are worried you may get high. While it’s okay to worry about this considering your well-being is in play, you can rest assured. Nothing is going to happen if you use CBD oil during your massaging routine.

CBD is extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant, being one of the over 120 naturally occurring cannabinoids in hemp. [9] Despite this, it does not have any intoxicating effects, because those are caused by THC. Using a CBD massage oil will not make you get high.

Most of the time, you can find pure CBD oil that contains no traces of THC. This is the best alternative if you do not want to touch anything that contains the intoxicating THC. But you can also find oils that are broad-spectrum or full-spectrum, which include some THC. Fortunately, these oils can have some additional benefits caused by the combination of multiple types of cannabinoids.

Things to Consider Before Using CBD Oil for Relaxing Massages

There are some things to take into account before you jump into the pleasant experience of CBD oil massages.

First things first, you should talk to your doctor and ask whether CBD oil use on your skin would be safe. This is especially important if you suffer from any conditions and take medications that would interact with CBD.

If you get the green light, your next step is to find a high-quality, safe product from a trustworthy brand. This takes some time and work, but it’ll pay off. When stumbling upon products that beg you to buy them, you should put them on a list and compare their features until you can pick a suitable one.

Once you are ready to use CBD massage oil, you must remember to start with a small amount only. Don’t pour half of the liquid on your body. Start small and increase the amount of CBD massage oil as needed.

Final Thoughts

Getting a CBD massage can be a great decision for your well-being. A massage alone is already very relaxing and can help relieve tension and soreness from your muscles, as well as pain. Pairing the massage with a high-quality CBD oil will do wonders, though. Not only will the massage feel better, but it will also have additional benefits.

Adding CBD oil to your relaxing massage can help relieve skin conditions, anxiety, stress, and even pain. Still, before using this product, make sure to consult your doctor if you are suffering from any health issues.